CPT Nicholas Morris

Monmouthshire, Wales
Death 20 Jan 1664 (aged 58)
Wicomico Church, Northumberland County, Virginia, USA
Burial Wicomico Church, Northumberland County, Virginia, USA
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Nicholas Morris was a Sea Captain. He first settled in James Citti County in
1639. Shortly thereafter Col. John Mottrom arrived and they left and settled
what was then Coan, Coan River, Coan Mill, Coan Warf, Coan Hall, and in 1645
Colony of Chickawane, to later be called Northumberland County, Virginia.
In 1652 Lancaster County, Virginia was cut off from Northumberland, but the
present line was established in 1673.
In 1653 Westmoreland County was laid off from Northumberland, extending from
the Machoactoke River were "Dick Cole lives and the Falls of the Potomac
River" where Georgetown is now located in the District of Columbia.
In 1692 part of Richmond County was cut off from Westmoreland, Old
Rappahannock and present Essex Counties, Virginia. The Nicholas Morris family
did not move just County Lines.
In a deposition given in Northumberland County, VA Nicholas Morris stated
that he was born 1605 in England.
13 Apr 1652 Nicholas Morris and several of other colonists, signed an oath to the Commonwealth of England as follows:
" Wee whose names are subscribed doe promise & engage ourselves to be true & faithfull to the Commonwealth of England as it is now established without KING or HOUSE of LORDES."
a Justice.
His Will was porbated Jan 1664, Northumberland County, Virginia.
He is buried at Wicomico View, Northuberland County, (now Westmoreland) VA.
(a Photostat of his origional will is in my files.) JCW 1992.

In the name of God Amen. I Nicholas Morris being in perfect health. Doe make this my last will and testament, in manner and forme following:
I give my soul unto the hands of my blessed lord and saviour Jesus Christ by whose merritts I hope to be saved.
As for my estate I dispose of as followeth.
I give and bequeath unto my sonne Antho. Morris my seate of land which now I live upon, beting 550 acres only my wife Martha Morris is to have ye use of all ye housings, Orchards, or what else she hath occassion for upon ye sd. dividen of land. for her life. Second. Likewise I give unto my sd. Sonne Anthony Morris Foure Cowes. One called by ye name Star (? the other three marked with 3 slitts in ye right ear & a hole & a half spared in ye left ear with ye increase. I give to my sd. sonne for to enjoy forever. I give to afore sd. sonne Anthony Morris one feather bedd Bolster & pillar. two ____________a rugge. one iron pot, three pewter spoons_________one iron pestle for him to enjoy ye sd__________forever with one pare of sheets.
I give and bequeath unto my dearly beloved wife Martha Morris my seate of land at ye head of ye river called by name of ye Island being 506 acres. sthe to enjoy ye sd. land forever.
I give to my aforesaid loving wife Martha Morris all ye remainder of my cattle, except one cowe which I give to my daughter Jane Haynie, with ye increase. and one yearling Heiyfer to my grandchild Martha Haynie with ye increas and one yearling heyfer to my grandchild Eliz. Haynie with ye increase and one yearling heyfer to my grandechold Rich. Haynie with ye incerase. Provided yet if one of ye above grandechildren die ye therefore with the increase is to be divided between ye other two. All ye rest of my cattle whatsoever I give unto my wife & her disposings..
I give unto my loving wife my chattells. housings. goods. & all movable Both within doors & without & that what isbefore given in this my will. To dispose of the sd. goods according to her own dicission. after my debts is paid out of them.
As for the enterrenings of my body after my decease. I leave to ye decission of my belssed wife. who I make my whole executor of this my last will and testament.
Witness my hand & seal. This the 20th of November Memo (Meaning A.D.) 1660.
Nicholas Morris
Before ye singning of this my last will I give to Mr. Goch who write my will one yearling Heyfer & ye increase. Signe in presence of
Sam. Gooche Jeffery Goche
20 January 1664 Proved & Recorded
Records 1658 to 1666

Martha the relect of Nicholas Morris in 1665 married Thomas Lane a rich land owner of that county. Before their marriage the following deed of gift and contract were made signed and recorded.
Virginia Northumberland County
Know ye that I Martha Morris, of County aforesaid, ye widow and relic of Nicholas Morris lately deceased for divrs good causes & considerations. but more especially for ye good will & most loving affection which I have for my sonne Anthony Morris have freely and thearly give & by these presents freely and thearly & absolutely give and bestow on my sd. sonne these goods, chattels & movables as same to say seasons food, meats, cattle____________one cow called brindle & her calf & also one yearling, one ram & a weather, with one half of all my hogs, according to quanity & quality, three feather beds, bolster, pillow & rugge, one pot & hooks, two guns and a pistole, and likewise at ye sd. Anthonys day of marriage or my decease which he ask or choose__________one bed covering with Queen Elizabeth arms & one small table & of same now in my possession and then to him to be delivered, likewise tow stearse 2 years old & upward, one steare one year old or about, one red heyfer & a cow calfe all has been before excepted. I do give to my sd. sonne his heyers, executors, administratiors & assigns forever, in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seale, ye 15th July 1665.
Signed Martha Morris
In ye presence of Nich Paris John Haney.
Ye record above proved to be delivered in case of ye Sd. Martha's decease. Records 1658-1666

Thomas Lane by reaseon of his marriage to Martha Morris: Know all men by these presents ye that I Thomas Lane doe hereby bind myslef in ye pennalty & forfeiture of ten thousand pounds of good tobacco in that ye by reason of course of marriage ye sd. Martha Morris within mentioned. I will not at any time either by myslef or my heyers, executors or any other person or persons for me or therm clayme or demand any of the premises, goods or chattels, within given unto her for Anthony Morris & his heyers executors, neither in ye behalf inter any clayme or present and suit or suits at law, but, at all times to stand to & allow of ye same as valid & authenticated.
Witness, my hand and seal, ye 25th. July 1665
Thos. Lane
In ye presents, Nich. Paris John Haney.
Recorded & proved Records of 1668-1666

The first land grant to Nicholas Morris was dated Oct 29, 1651. Prior to this date land grants are missing. There are enough records of Nicholas Morris to fill a book, where it all translated. He was granted fifty acres for each immigrant brought into the colony. Bringing as many as 12 at a time. One grant extended to Stony Point, in now Westmoreland County. Stony Point was girlhood home of Mary Ball, mother to Geo. Washington. Some of the most familiar names were: Wm Nuckolls, John Warren, Geo. Wakefield, Giffin, Taylor, Evans, Donnally, and many others.
Ref. Folk Lore, by W. R. Morris, Fancy Gap, VA Vol. I, p. 4 to 8.

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1650- 1652 (Isle of Wight Transcribed Records, Vol.
1, p. 38) In the name of God, Amen. I, Captain John UPTON, of the Isle of the
Isle of Wight County in Virginia, Gent. being sick of Body but in perfect memory,
doe ordain this as my last will and Testament in manner and form as followeth
(that is to say), first I commit my Body to the Earth from whence it came, to
be decently Interred at the discretion of my executrix hereinafter in there
presents mentioned, and my soul to God hoping for salvation through the merits
of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and as for such worldly goods as God in
his mercy hath bestowed upon me I bequeath and devise in manner & farm following:
Imprimis. Item I give, Devise and bequeath unto my eldest son John
UPTON all that Tract of land being part of it in the Tenure of John KING
James BAGNALL and Nicholas MORRIS containing in the whole Eight
Hundred and Fifty acres of Land. and if the said John UPTON dies
before he comes to be the age of one and Twenty years then I give and bequeath
the said Land unto William, Elizabeth, Sarah and Margaret UNDERWOOD
to be divided as followeth (viz.) Elizabeth, Sarah and Margaret
UNDERWOOD each of them a Hundred acres. and the remainder to William
UNDERWOOD Item I give and bequeath unto my said son one mare fole, and one
cow with calf, being upon the probate of my Will sett apart for him with their
Increase, And if it shall happen that my said son dies before the age of one
and twenty then the said mare fole and cow with their increase to be equally
shared amongst Daughters in Law, Elizabeth, Sarah and Margaret UNDERWOOD.

item I give and bequeath unto William UNDERWOOD, Elizabeth, Sarah and
Margaret UNDERWOOD, the tract or parcel of Land running upon this side
of the threshet near Ambrose BENNETT'S containing fifteen hundred
acres of Land except and allways reserved out of this land Three Hundred
acres which Mr. Robert BRACEWELL hath I give and bequeath unto William,
Elizabeth, Sarah and Margaret UNDERWOOD, all my land at Rappahannock
or what shall be hereafter made good upon my rights they to be possest with
if after my wifes decease And for the rest of my estate, goods. chattells, servants,
household stuff. Lands, Tenement.. herediments whatsoever here in Virginia or
elsewhere after my debts, legacies and funeral rights paid and discharged I
give, devise and bequeath the same unto my very Loveing and Wellbeloved Wife
Margaret UPTON, whom I constitute, ordain and make sole executrix of this
my last Will and Testament. And I also hereby desire and make my Loveing friends
Major George FOWDAN, William UNDERWOOD and James TAYLOR
Clerk, my overseers, desiring them to see this my will performed Likewise I
give and ordain my Executrix to give each of my overseers a ring of Twenty shillings
sterling price. Likewise ordain Ann WILLIAMSON, the wife of
James WILLIAMSON, to be equal shares in my land at Rappahannock with the
above named. Item. I give unto Elizabeth UNDERWOOD one pillion and pillion
cloth to be delivered at her day of marriage. Further more I do by there presents
revoke all former wills by me made except this my Last Will, In Witness. I the
said Capt. John UPTON, have hereunto set my ** and seal this sixteenth
day of January Anno Domini.

It is to be understood that what land I have formerly disposed of in that tract
of fifteen Hundred acres upon the property Ambrose BENNETT'S is to rest
upon condition, and the remainder Divided as it before provided. Signed, John
UPTON, Signr. Sealed and signed in the presence of us, John GALLINS
X mark, James TAYLOR. Proved 16 Dec 1652 by the oaths of William UNDERWOOD
and Edward SKINNER. (Underwood, Fothergill)

Fothergill Note: "The year of the making is not of
record but when Margaret UPTON made a deed conveying land to John
BUTCHER dated 3rd February 1651 she styles herself as widow of Capt.
John UPTON. (Transcribed records, page 40).

From the Morris Family Genealogy, compiled by Mildred V. Westmorland
Anthony Morris Sr.(1645-1682) married Dorothy Samford. Nicholas Morris assigned his son, Anthony, a patent of land in Northumberland County VA in 1655. Martha Morris also made a deed of gift to the land she received from her husband Nicholas to her son, Anthony, in 1655 before she married Thomas Lane in 1665. Dorothy Samford Morris, wife, was appinted Administrator in 1683. Later she married Cughbert Span.

Nicholas MORRIS "the Immigrant" 1605 - BEF 20 Jan 1663

•RESIDENCE: England and Northumberland Co. VA

•BIRTH: 1605, England
•DEATH: BEF 20 Jan 1663, St Stephens Parish, Northumberland Co. Virginia

Notes Martha (Wife) b. About. 1609;

Father: Edward MORRIS

Martha MATTOM (Wife) b. 1609 in England
Nicholas Morris owned land on the Great Wicomico River before 1651. His near neighbor and associate was John Mottram, an English Protestant who had frequent visitors among those who had been banished from the colony of Maryland.

Nicholas and his wife, Martha (poss.Mottram) were living in the Virginia Colony by 1641, and first lived on land leased from John Upton. By April 1652, Nicholas was well-established in Northumberland County and was appointed a justice along with John Haynie.

Will probabted, in Virginia, data from familysearch.com per Ancestral File, ver. 4.19. According to Tidewater Virginia Families by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis, his will was presented in court in Northumberland Co.,VA on 20 Jan 1664, so he had to have died previous to that. He left his son, Anthony Morris, the plantation on which he lived, containing 550 acres and his wife, the land called "ye Island, being 506 acres". He also bequeathed to his daughter, Jane (Morris) Haynie, one cow and to each of his three grandchildren, Martha, Elizabeth and Richard Haynie, one yearling heifer.

Martha Morris later married Thomas Lane, a wealthy land owner of Northumberland Co.
She signed her Morris inheritance over to her son, Anthony, on 15 July 1665.

Known Children: (Some dates estimated)

Edward Morris 1626-

Sarah Morris 1630-

John Morris 1633-1681

Thomas Morris 1639-

Anne Morris 1639-

Mary Morris

Nickolas Morris b. Bet. 1626 - 1652

William Morris b. Bet. 1628 - 1642

Jane Morris b. 1638 Md James Nipper 5 Known Children: John, James, Joseph, Isabel, and Mary. She died Northumberland County, Virginia

Elizabeth Morris b.1643 Died St Stephens Parish, Northumberland County, Virginia.

Anthony Morris b. 1645 Northumberland Co.,Virginia md Dorothy Samford dau of Richard, in 1665. Children: Anthony Morris, Jr, Jane, Thomas, John, William, Martha and
Edward Edmund Morris,Sr, born 16 Jul 1675 Md Elizabeth Pressley the dau of Col. Peter Pressley, Sr and Elizabeth Thompson the dau of Richard and Ursula Bish Thompson. He died Nov 1682 North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia.

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