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Famous Graves in Italy

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6 Mar 1475 – 18 Feb 1564

Sculptor, Architect, Painter. His father had close connections...

Galileo Galilei

15 Feb 1564 – 8 Jan 1642

Scientist. He was one of the most influential scientific figures...

Julius Caesar

13 Jul – 15 Mar

Roman Statesman, General, and Author. A kinsman of Roman...

Paul the Apostle

unknown – c.67

Saint and Martyr. He was born in Tarsus of Cilicia in 5 AD. He is...

Luciano Pavarotti

12 Oct 1935 – 6 Sep 2007

Opera Singer. He was considered one of the greatest tenors in his...

No grave photo

Augustus Caesar

23 Sep – 19 Aug 14

Roman Emperor. Born Gaius Octavius Thurinus, the son of Gaius...

Saint Rufinus

Birth and death dates unknown.

Patron Saint of the town of Assisi. First bishop of Assisi.

No grave photo

Saint Matthew

Birth and death dates unknown.

Roman Catholic Saint. Also called Levi (in the "Gospel According...

Saint Mark Cenotaph

unknown – 68

Patron saint of Venice. This is a cenotaph: the body,that had...

St Francis of Assisi

c.26 Nov 1181 – 3 Oct 1226

Religious Figure, Roman Catholic Saint. He is remembered as the...

Enrico Caruso

25 Feb 1873 – 2 Aug 1921

Opera Singer. Enrico Caruso was born in Naples, Italy. His...

No grave photo


unknown – 20 Dec

Roman Catholic Pope and Saint. Zephyrinus, the fifteenth Pope...


6 Apr 1483 – 6 Apr 1520

Artist. Considered one of the greatest and most popular painters...

Cipriano de Rore

1515 – Sep 1565

Composer. He is regarded as the most important of the early...

No grave photo

John X

860 – 28 May 928

Roman Catholic Pope. Born Giovanni da Tossignano, as Pope he...

No grave photo

Lucius Verus

15 Dec – unknown

Roman Emperor. He was born in 130 AD and at age 7 was adopted...

No grave photo

Marcus Cocceius Nerva

8 Nov 30 – 27 Jan 98

Roman Emperor. He was born into an aristocratic family in...

John Keats

31 Oct 1795 – 23 Feb 1821

Poet. One of the best loved and most admired of all English...

No grave photo

Marcus Aurelius

26 Apr 121 – c.17 Mar 180

Roman Emperor, Philosopher. He was born in 121 AD, and, along...

Saint Thomas Aquinas

1225 – 7 Mar 1274

Philosopher, Theologian, and Roman Catholic Saint. He was an...