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In the Line of Duty

Cynthia Campbell Brown was a recent bride and an FBI agent - her first assignment at the Alfred Murray Building site of Oklahoma City Bombing: ..also - 3 Oklahoma Troopers were slain on May 26, 1978, in 2 separate shootouts with two escaped Oklahoma State Prison convicts. The shootout happened in the Caddo-Kenefic area of Bryan County Oklahoma. In addition to the three OHP Troopers, 5 people were killed by the escaped convicts and 3 others wounded as the pair blazed a murderous trail from their prison confines. These men gave their lives in the line of duty ending a month-long, three-state murder spree by 2 Oklahoma state prison escapees. For more stories of this account and many photos please go to http://ohptrooper.com/caddo.htm

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