A Virtual Cemetery created by Bruce Gordon

St. Bridget's Catholic Churchyard

A Virtual Cemetery to contain records of interments in the churchyard of St. Bridget's the original Catholic Church in Perth, Lanark Co., Ontario, Canada. St. Bridget's was constructed starting in 1820 on the North West Corner of Beckwith and Harvey streets in Perth. It was used by the Perth Mission until the new stone church, St. John the Baptist, was consecrated in 1848. St. Bridget's was burned down in the 1850s as part of a training exercise for the local fire department.Many parishioners were buried in the Catholic Section of the Craig St. (Pioneer) Cemetery but a few are recorded as being buried at the Churchyard. Craig St. was closed in 1873 and property for the new Catholic Cemetery was acquired in 1872. It is unclear which remains were moved to Craig Street and which were removed to the new Catholic Cemetery.

Bruce Gordon has not added any memorials to this virtual cemetery.