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Utoi Creek / Utoy Creek - 112th Illinois

I regret to say that the brigade suffered severely in killed and wounded in the efforts made to carry the position. Col. P. S. Slevin, of the [100] Ohio, was severely wounded while in front of his regiment…; Lieut. Col. E. S. Bond, commanding [112] Illinois, slightly, in leg; Lt. Francis C. Johnson, [8] Tenn, killed; Capt's Sroufe, Gudgel, and Colcord, of [112] Illinois, wounded, all slightly; Lts. A. K. Tate and I. K. Cramer, [100] Ohio, wounded; Capt. J. A. Bowers, [8] Tenn Inf, wounded and missing; Lts. Bible and Douglas, of the [8] Tenn, wounded, the latter severely; Lt. J. Walker, of the same regiment, missing; Capt. H. Ford, of [104] Ohio, wounded slightly, Lt. James B. Shane, [16] Kentucky, severely. (No 112 ILL regt. report in OR)

14 memorials