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Victims of James Wolcott AKA James St. James

Dr. James St. James killed his family in 1967 when he was 15 years old. Today, he's a psychology professor at Millikin University, a small Presbyterian school in Illinois. Formerly known as James Wolcott, it was recently revealed that he spent six years in a mental institution for shooting and killing his mother, father and sister. He eventually got his PhD in psychology and has been teaching at the university for the past 27 years. So, should he be allowed to continue teaching? Since leaving the mental institution, he hasn't violated the law and has been an upstanding citizen. Psychologist and attorney, Bonny Forrest, Ph.D., argued in favor of allowing St. James to continue teaching on tonight's Factor. She said the school is exemplifying redemption and forgiveness.Psychologist and author Wendy Walsh, Ph.D., said she's proud of St. James for turning his life around. However, she said, "If I look through it from the lens purely as a mother, would I want my kid in that class? And the answer is no. "The university is supporting St. James."

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