A Virtual Cemetery created by Janet

New Hope Church - 29th Ohio

"25th, marched at 7 a.m., First Brigade in advance; crossed Pumpkin Vine Creek (at Owen's Mill); came on the enemy; double-quicked forward into line, [29th] on extreme left; was attacked on flank; formed crochet by swinging left wing to rear; repulsed the attack; went into position on ridge… relieved [147th] Pennsylvania Volunteers in front line, threw out skirmishers in front, connecting on right with [134th] New York Volunteers, on left with [5th] Ohio; strengthened our works; remained until 8 p.m.; [29th] was relieved by [28th] Pennsylvania Volunteers; returned to ravine; few casualties; brought off our dead at night and buried them; remained in ravine until 9 p.m. 31st worked all night on fortifications."

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