A Virtual Cemetery created by Lloyd Blackwell


Johnny, thank you for the excellent job you do for our families in the many cemeteries in Alabama. My name is Lloyd Blackwell and I am a member of the SAR and a genealogist too. My grandmother, Maurine Lucile Blackwell (#51159807), and uncle, Oka B. Blackwell, are buried at Lebanon and I would like to update the info on them.Maurine Lucile Bynum Blackwell (name spelling correction)Family links Spouse: William Pierce Blackwell b 22 Sep 1879 in Cherokee County, Alabama, died 11 Apr 1959 in Alameda County, California. (#100275569) Children: Oka (Okie) Burt Blackwell (#51159798) Earl Counsel Blackwell (#35140122) Perry Roy (Roy) Blackwell Howard Taft Blackwell Oscar Austin Blackwell John Henry Blackwell Nellie Blackwell Paul BlackwellI have paid to have the advertisement removed from most of my families, including the Bynum's. I will be back to get the Bynum information included on my grandmother as soon as I get it all together.Thanks again for all of your efforts on our behalf. BTW, I grew up in Oneonta and was saved at Lebanon Methodist Church in 1945.Blessings,Lloyd Blackwell

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