A Virtual Cemetery created by Magdalene Garcia

Holy Sepulcher Cemetery

Established in 1930... The largest of the Diocesan cemeteries, Holy Sepulcher is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills. Holy Sepulcher is the final resting place for many Diocesan priests and religious. Our annual All Souls Day Masses and Memorial Day Masses take place at the outdoor altar, donated by the Sisters of St. Joseph.Holy Sepulcher refers to the tomb in which the Body of Jesus Christ was laid after His death upon the Cross. The Evangelists tell us that it was Joseph of Arimathea's own new monument, which he had hewn out of a rock, and that it was closed by a great stone rolled to the door (Mathew 27:60, Mark 15:46; Luke 23:53). It was in a garden in the place of the Crucifixion and was nigh to the Cross (John 19:41, 42) which was erected outside the walls of Jerusalem, in the place called Calvary but close to the city (John 19:20) and by a street (Matthew 27:39; Mark 15:29).

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