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Georgia Garbarino fam

Miss Flagstaff 1959 & Miss Coconino County 1959 - Miss Arizona 1960 (pictured in LIFE of 9-19-1960). Her great-grandfather, born 1860, Giuseppe Enrico (Joseph Henry) Garbarino left Genoa Liguria, Italy with his father for Humboldt County, CA (San Francisco) in 1864 (or 1874 if he was 14 as reported). Although most Italians arrived in the U.S. in the 1890s after the best lands were claimed for homesteading, some immigrants did claim land offered by the Government. He and his dad lived with other Italian men and worked on a vegetable farm and prospected for gold. His dad soon returned to Italy, and, ten years later, GEG, lured to AZ by gold in Yavapai County, settled in Willow Creek, where he ranched and continued to look for gold. He filed and worked mining claims named after the Italian patriots, Giuseppe Garibaldi & G. Mazzini. By 1873 he had settled in Prescott, where he established a family and remained. GEG and his wife, Catherine, from Denton, TX, were married in Prescott, AZ in 1879. PHOTO @ homestead in 1916. Her dad, William A. "Gabby" Garbarino (1918-2001)

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