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B-17G #42-31885 ‘Lovely Ladies' Lt Prentice

B-17G #42-31885 ‘Lovely Ladies' of the 2nd Bomb Group, 20th Bomb Squadron, left the base at Amendola, Italy on a mission to bomb oil refineries at Provoser/Moravska Ostrava, in the former Czechoslovakia, and crashed at Vyskovec after coming under heavy enemy attack. The crew members were~1st Lt Merrill A Prentice, O-664239, Pilot, from Ashtabola OH, KIA - 2nd Lt Theo Heath, O-812259, CoPilot, from Newport NH, KIA - 2nd Lt Charles H McVey, O-722926, Navigator, from Nashville TN, RMC - 2nd Lt Robert A Laux, O-694467, Bombardier, from Amherst OH, KIA - Sgt Herbert S Goodstein, 32535168, Top Turret Gunner, from Bronx NY, KIA - Sgt Frank J Balcerzak, 35229450, Lower Turret Gunner, from Toledo OH, KIA - Sgt Leroy E Johnson, 37568774, Right Waist Gunner, from Walnut Grove MN, KIA - Sgt Claude A Petrey, 38518514, Left Waist Gunner, from Shreveport LA, KIA - Sgt Robert E Fitch, 16113685, Tail Gunner, from Detroit MI, DED - Sgt Kenneth W Ellis, 34671862, Radio Operator/Gunner, from Clayton NC, KIA ---

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