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Resseguie Family Cemetery

Members of the Resseguie family. The Resseguie family has a rich and eventful history in America. Most of them are descendants of Alexander De Resseguier who came to America in 1709. He changed the spelling of the name to a somewhat more anglicized Resseguie. In many cases his descendants made their own alterations to the spelling. While most still spell it Resseguie some of the known variations are Ressegiue, Ressequie, Ressegieu, Resseque and Ressegue. As is common with an unusual name misspellings abound, especially in older documents.

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 Emma Louisa <I>Ressegiue</I> Ackley

Emma Louisa Ressegiue Ackley

26 Feb 1844 – 25 Apr 1933

Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA

 Eva May <I>Resseguie</I> Alcombrack
No grave photo

Eva May Resseguie Alcombrack

1897 – 1976

Sulphur Springs, Jefferson County, New York, USA

 Lois Evelyn <I>Resseguie</I> Altman

Lois Evelyn Resseguie Altman

8 Oct 1925 – 4 Nov 2012

Richland, Benton County, Washington, USA

 Sarah <I>Resseguie</I> Andrews

Sarah Resseguie Andrews

29 Jan 1818 – 23 Apr 1861

Mukwonago, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, USA

 Louise “Louie” <I>Resseguie</I> Anibal

Louise “Louie” Resseguie Anibal

1863 – 1963

Northville, Fulton County, New York, USA

 Betty Louise <I>Resseguie</I> Bailey
No grave photo

Betty Louise Resseguie Bailey

1927 – unknown

Sulphur Springs, Jefferson County, New York, USA

 Juanita <I>Resseguie</I> Bailey

Juanita Resseguie Bailey

1 Oct 1918 – 18 Mar 1995

Gibson, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, USA

 Dorothy “Dottie” <I>Resseque</I> Ballard

Dorothy “Dottie” Resseque Ballard

17 Jan 1917 – 16 Jun 1976

East Farmingdale, Suffolk County, New York, USA

No grave photo

Nellie M Resseguie Barber

30 Sep 1875 – 13 Jan 1962

Long Pine, Brown County, Nebraska, USA

 Louise G <I>Resseguie</I> Beede

Louise G Resseguie Beede

1918 – 2006

Everett, Snohomish County, Washington, USA

 Marion E <I>Resseguie</I> Bergklint

Marion E Resseguie Bergklint

2 Mar 1916 – 9 Oct 1977

Hesperia, Oceana County, Michigan, USA

 Ellen Wheelwright <I>Russegue</I> Bird

Ellen Wheelwright Russegue Bird

1882 – 4 Jul 1965

Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut, USA

 Emily <I>Resseguie</I> Brooker

Emily Resseguie Brooker

2 Jul 1831 – 5 Dec 1906

Northville, Fulton County, New York, USA

 Bessie Inis <I>Resseguie</I> Brown

Bessie Inis Resseguie Brown

1893 – 1986

Holt County, Nebraska, USA

 Mary <I>Resseguie</I> Burt

Mary Resseguie Burt

17 Apr 1747 – 29 Sep 1821

Hampton, Washington County, New York, USA

 Betsey <I>Resseguie</I> Canfield

Betsey Resseguie Canfield

1784 – 10 Feb 1867

Ridgefield, Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA

 Sophronia <I>Rességuié</I> Cheney

Sophronia Rességuié Cheney

27 Apr 1815 – 1897

Waupun, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, USA

 Jackie Lynn <I>Resseguie</I> Church
No grave photo

Jackie Lynn Resseguie Church

11 Mar 1954 – 25 Sep 2015
Cremated , Other
 Mary <I>Resseguie</I> Cole

Mary Resseguie Cole

1761 – 24 Dec 1847

Wilton, Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA

 Elizabeth “Betsey” <I>Resseguie</I> Conrad

Elizabeth “Betsey” Resseguie Conrad

12 Jul 1798 – 30 Nov 1876

Gibson, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, USA