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Crete hit and run 1996

Cari and two 12-year-old friends, Sheena Acres of Crete, and Courtney Lauer of Steger, were killed when they were struck and thrown into a ditch. Sarah was sideswiped and suffered only minor injuries. Jason was not injured.The driver didn't stop, and Will County sheriff's police were searching Monday for a brown- or rust-colored 1983 Chevrolet pickup that has a roll bar and front-end damage."I heard Sarah yelling, `Oh, my God, they're in a ditch,' " Sanaghan recalled Monday as she sat curled up on her couch in her modest two-story, wood-frame home. "I ran down to the road and picked up the first girl I saw. I didn't even know who it was. It turned out to be Cari."In the ensuing moments, Sanaghan went back to the road and lifted another girl, Sheena, but she was too heavy and Sanaghan yelled to an older family friend who was staying over to call 911 and help carry the girl."I started CPR on Sheena," Sanaghan said. "And then I started CPR on Cari, but she was just too broken. The coroner said they were hit so hard they didn't feel anything."Sanaghan said it was important that the driver of the truck know the people he hit."Since this truck is gone, we need to give him faces to look at," Sanaghan said. "He's going to be looking, and he needs to see faces."The victims weren't much different from other young girls. They were bright and seemed to have an endless capacity to make friends. They liked to shop at Lincoln Mall in Matteson; ride the Sanaghans' two horses, Rainbow and Cisco; and swim at the nearby beaches in Indiana.JUDGE GIVES RICHARD DEVON 30 MONTHS FOR HIT-RUN DEATHS SENTENCED: DRIVER LEFT SCENE AFTER THREE CRETE GIRLS WERE STRUCK AND KILLED.

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