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Civil War/Colonel Robert Gould Shaw

Robert Gould Shaw --- Although, I could say a lot about many of the commanders of the Civil War. I could extend my respect for many of the commanders of the Civil War. I could extend my hand to shake the hand, if that were possible, of many of the commanders of the Civil War, even General Robert Edward Lee, who from my chair was a great historical General and perhaps one the best.There is no commander in the Civil War that I do not have more to say, would not want to shake their hand more than that of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw. Shall I run out of books to write in my life time, I would be very much privileged to write a book entitled, "Robert Shaw and His Niggers." I know that today, that term is not accepted in society. Nor was it really accepted in 1861-1865. However, it was used then a lot more than it is now and when Colonel Shaw was killed at the Battle of Wagner...and when the war ended...the Federal Army returned to Fort Wagner, which was never taken by the North, and inquired, "Where is Colonel Shaw?" At which they responded, "We buried him with his niggers!" With that...the very first memorial in this Civil War Virtual Cemetery will be that of COLONEL ROBERT GOULD SHAW!

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