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William McClellan Family

These are The Children of William McClellan bn 1812 d 1879 And Elizabeth (Etters) McClellan William and Elizabeth Had These 11 Children EDWARD Bn 1834 --Married Angeline Pugh) ELIZABETH JANE bn 1836-- Married (Abner Lockard)THOMAS bn 1835-1856--(Died Young may have not been married) GEORGE ATCHISON bn 1842-1912-- Married (Caroline Fultz) WILLIAM 1844-1863--REBECCA bn 1845-1901--married (Simon Powley)BENJAMIN FRANKLIN bn 1846 married ( Angeline Burlew)NATHAN J bn 1850-1899 married (Hannah Davis)ROBERT H.bn 1853-1889 Married (Mary Elizabeth Krause)IRA C. Died 1855 as Infant ANNA MAE bn 1858-1908 married (John Gailey )

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