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C-109 #44-49628 Lt Allen R Turner MIA - KIA - FOUND!

On 17 July 1945, at approx. 0230IST, this aircraft departed Jorhat, India enroute to Chengtu, China. They had instrument clearance on the Able route. It was a routine Hump cargo flight hauling 100 octane aviation gasoline to the Chengtu area.A position report was received as being over Pathalipam, India at 8,000 ft. There were no further radio contacts with this ship. Negative replies were received in answer to all queries sent. This aircraft disappeared somewhere on the Hump and was declared missing as of 17 July 1945. A concentrated search was conducted to no avail, and the search was abandoned as of 17 August 1945. In view of the complete absence of information, the cause of the accident remains undetermined.

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