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Martin Cemetery

OLD MARTIN CEMETERY OF JOHNSTOWN The Old Martin Cemetery is believed to be around 150 years old. James "Babe" Martin purchased the 600 acres of land, on which the old cemetery is located, from Jessie A. Mooreman in 1875. It is highly likely the grounds were being used for burials many years before James Martin bought the land, however, the grounds carry his name. The Martin Farm was probably cleared of its timber by slave labor years before the Civil War. Slave laborers were used on the farm in its early history and overseer families lived there as well. Since death is unavoidable, a graveyard would have been a necessity for the farm because no other graveyards existed in the vicinity at that early time. It is reasonable to assume that the Martin Cemetery served as the community graveyard for a number of years prior to its naming. Many of the early settlers are buried there but their grave markers have disappeared over the years. It is stated, as a fact, that a number of strangers who were killed in a brawl at Babe Martin's store and saloon are buried there in unmarked graves. There were many Blacks buried at the south end where large trees grow today. No doubt most of those are the graves of the slaves that died during and before the Civil War. There are seven rows of graves in the northern section of the Martin Cemetery with a few stone markers with the oldest listing a death date of 1895. Most of the early grave markers have been lost or destroyed making it impossible to identify the sites of loved ones of the past. Only 22 graves can be identified today. Around 1923, every time an attempt was made to dig a grave in a space that appeared vacant, the diggers would find that someone had already been buried in the plot. At that time, it was determined by community leaders that the cemetery had no spaces available for graves except those plots that were reserved. A new site was chosen on the Old abandoned Martin Schoolyard located about 200 yards northeast. The burial list written here has been taken from the inventory of the Martin Cemetery compiled by Mrs. Blanche Sink Camp on May 7th, 1968 for the Jackson County Historical Society. New information and facts have been added to this update thanks to the cooperation of people like Bobby Huey who has generously given his time to this project. Others assisting with this revision are Angela Tate, Woodrow Long, Dora Tate, and the late Lucille Cooper whose knowledge of the cemetery's history has been invaluable to this recording. Updated this 28th day of October 2001 by Mead B. Camp.***********************************MARTIN CEMETERY OF JOHNSTOWN Updated October 28th, 2001 Name Birth Death Row CommentBrock, Otho ? ? ? Lucy Sink's relative Brumfield, David J. 1838 1906 7 D. Tucker's relatives Brumfield, Etta L. 1869 1910 7 Brumfield, Mary J. 1850 1906 7Brumfield, Ora G. 1895 1916 7Camp, George D. 09-30-1830 1894 ? John H.'s fatherCamp, James S. 06-11-1902 09-27-1906 1 John H.'s sonCamp, John H. 12-24-1870 02-17-1915 1 Geo. D's sonCamp, Martha Nance 1835 10-06-1886 ? George's 2nd wifeCamp, Mary Miller ? 1903 ? Wife of Lee CampCamp, Sarah Cooper 01-13-1873 07-15-1950 1 John H.'s wifeCamp, Sophia Jane 01-20-1897 09-15-1916 1 John H.'s daughterCooper, B.D. "Beede" 08-28-1867 12-10-1940 1 W. A.'s sonCooper. Laura Ann 02-05-1876 12-19-1901 1 Beede's 1st wifeCooper, Mary Ann 05-20-1846 01-05-1895 1 W. A.'s wife Cooper, CPT. W. A. 1846 1891 1 Mary Ann's husband CFS Civil WarCooper, Alice "Willie" 1876 01-05-1895 1 Murdered by same bullet that killed her mother & is buried in same graveFoster, Lucy ? 12-02-1918 ? Mother of Bill & OscarFoster, Jesse C. 09-25-1886 03-16-1912 2 Bill's brother?Grizzle, Infant 01-11-1922 7 Daug. of Opal MurphyHoney, Margaret Huey 1857 1888 ? Thomas Z's wifeHoney, James H. "Jim" 07-10-1847 02-17-1917 2? Rance Honey's fatherHoney, Thomas Z. 1854 19?? ?Huey, A. L. "Allen" 1848?1855? 02-12-1896 6 Dee Huey's fatherHuey, Arizona (Benson) 05-28-1859 06-29-1919 6 Allen's wifeHuey, Betty Howard 1857? 1878? 6? Allen's 1st wifeHuey, James 1848 189?Huey, Thomas 1878? 1879? 6 Allen & Betty's son Long, Mrs. Richardson ? ? ? Amos Long's 1st wifeLong, Marie 1921 1922 1 Rachel's daughterLong, Edna E. 01-15-1884 09-10-1895 4 Lorton, Nancy Camp 05-10-1863 ? ? Mother of Anna FosterLowery, Fannie 1848 1918? 2 Wm Fredrick's wifeLowery, Wm Fredrick 1846? 1914 2 Father of Grover Lowery, L. C. ? ? 3 Child of Grover C. Lowery, Mable ? ? ? Daug. Of Fred Lowery, Minnie J. 1909? 1916? 3 Maud's daughterMiller, T. C. "Chuck" 02-05-1887 10-19-1912 5Palmer, Joel B. 07-23-1840 08-31-1895 5Tirpitz, Pauline Bober ? ? ? Grandmother of EdnaTriplett, John W 06-19-1854 07-19-1900 7***********************************Poorly Marked Graves: Flat stone N of Jessie Foster, row 1 Vertical rock E of John Camp, row 2 Jagged rock E of John Camp, row 3Lost Grave Sites in Martin Cemetery: George D. Camp Martha Nance Camp Otho Brock Betty Howard Huey, age 21, died giving birth to Thomas Thomas Huey, age 1, about 1878 or 1879 Thomas Z. Honey, 1854?-19? Margaret Huey Honey, 1857-1888 James Huey, 1848-189? Blacks buried in south section, in woods today Strangers that died at Babe's Saloon Lucy Foster (Mother of Bill, Jesse, & Oscar) Nancy Camp Lorton Pauline Bober Tirpitz William Fredrick Lowery Fannie Lowery Marie Long Mrs. Richardson Long Mable Lowery

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