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Horse Creek Cemetery

Horse CreekSiskiyou CountyCalifornia USAGPS Coordinates: Latitude: 41.84470, Longitude: -123.02690Horse Creek cemetery is located across the Klamath River from the "town" of Horse Creek. Horse Creek is approximately 30 miles west of the Interstate 5 and Highway 96 interchange just north of Yreka, California. To reach this cemetery drive west about 30 miles on Highway 96 from Interstate 5. After going through the town of Horse Creek watch on the right for a bank of metal mailboxes. They are right in front of a wooden suspension bridge that crosses the Klamath River. Stay on Horse Creek Road for 2 1/2 - 3 miles. As the road drops down watch the right hillside carefully. The cemetery gate is located about 40 feet above the road. Do not cross the bridge over Horse Creek (you've past the cemetery). You must walk up a trail about 100 feet to reach the gate. Be sure to latch it when you leave! Several Bratt relatives and Morgans buried here. Cemetery is very overgrown with weeds and vines

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