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B-24 42-100184

The aviators who served on the 14th Air Force B-24 42-100184 were lost and declared missing in action when their aircraft failed to arrive at its destination base of Chabua, India on May 25, 1944. Here is a list of its crew members:Pilot: 1st Lt. Robert M. King, Co-Pilot: 2nd Lt. John B. Byron, Navigator: 1st Lt. Eugene L. Bernstein Radio Operator: TSgt. John J. Regan, Engineer: TSgt. Robert R. Riley,Gunner: SSgt. Garland J. Reed,Gunner: SSgt. Earl L. Smith,Passenger: Capt. Thomas H. Clare, Passenger: SSgt. Raymond J. Bridge, Passenger: Cpl. Merle L. Pickup

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