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B-24E #42-7011 'The Eddie Rickenbacker' Maj Thorel 'Skip' Johnson

B-24E #42-7011 34th BG, 391st B Sq* 'The Eddie Rickenbacker' Maj Thorel 'Skip' Johnson Crew - B-24E crash 10 mi north of Santa Barbara, CA on 04 July 1943 - 2 airmen , not knowing they were over the Pacific, bailed out and were lost at sea - the remaining 8 crewmen bailed out safely later over mountains near Santa Barbara - unmanned plane crashed 10 miles north of Santa Barbara. *At the time of this accident, the 34th Bomb Group was a training group based at Salinas AAB CA. This plane was named for WWI Flying Ace Eddie Rickenbacker, complete with nose art and his signature and insignia.

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