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B-24E #42-7160 Lt Thornburg - FOUND!

B-24E #42-7160 34th BG* Lt Thornburg Crew - San Miguel Island CA - B-24E bomber crash on San Miguel Island, Santa Barbara Co, CA on 05 July 1943 - all 12 crew were killed - note all death records state 06 July 1943 as the date of death. Instructor Pilot Thornburg was aboard this plane after bailing out of B-24E #42-7119. This plane was on a search and rescue mission for the two (Dannhardt and Prosser) lost at sea on B24E #42-7011 'The Eddie Rickenbacker'.*Note - at the time of this accident, the 34th Bomb Group was a training group only. Later it was decided that the 34th Bomb Group would be deployed for active combat at Mendelsham UK.

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