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Descendants of Solomon Parks

Below are the descendants of Solomon Parks, pioneer, who left home at the age of 13 from North Carolina and traveled on horseback from place to place until he ended up in Austin in 1846. He panned for gold in California and returned to Goliad, Texas where he amassed a fortune and accumulated 14,000 acres at his death in 1914.ACCORDING TO HIS ATTORNEY SOLOMON PARKS WAS ' GENEROUS, A GOOD NEIGHBOR AND EASY TO GET ALONG WITH, PROVIDED THE OTHER FELLOW HAD HIS RESPECT AND CONFIDENCE, SOUGHT TO BE TAKEN, HE WAS A GOOD AND LASTING ENEMY.'HIS TOMBSTONE READS: HE RODE ON HORSEBACK FROM THE ATLANTIC TO THE PACIFIC. HE CAME TO GOLIAD IN 1851. NO ONE IN NEED EVER APPEALED TO HIM WITHOUT RECEIVING ASSISTANCE.

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