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Chattanooga-Ringgold Campaign, Battle of Nov 25, 1863 - Mission[ary] Ridge, Chattanooga, Tenn

The Battle of Mission Ridge, November 25, 1863, was the biggest battle of the Chattanooga-Ringgold Campaign. The number of casualties for each division, brigade, and regiment was reported under the whole campaign rather than under each battle. The date and place of death are found in the regimental rolls of honor or compiled service records. So in trying to account for the burial location for each soldier, I have organized the names by Army Corps, Division, and sometimes brigade rather than by battle.
The names in this list are ones I have yet to organize.

By 1870, more than 12,800 interments were complete: 8,685 known and 4,189 unknown [in Chattanooga National Cemetery]. The dead included men who fell at the battles of Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge and Lookout Mountain. There were also a number of re-interments from the surrounding area, including Athens, Charleston and locations along the line of Gen. Sherman's march to Atlanta [as far south as Resaca / Lay's Ferry].

The following tabulation of strength and casualties at the Battle of Chattanooga is based on Livermore's studies:
Army Total
Strength Union 56,360
Total Casualties 5,824
Killed 753
Wounded 4,722
Missing 349
Percent Casualties 10

A large number of men — 1,798 remains — who died at the Battle of Chickamauga were relegated to unknowns during the re-interment process.
-from the history of the cemetery on Dept of Veterans Affairs website

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