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The ultimate goal of Find a Grave is to help document cemeteries and headstones for genealogical and historical purposes, and pay respects to those we've lost. However, if I have uploaded your relative's burial details here and you would like them removed, I am of course happy to oblige. Please let me know via the message board and provide a link so I can easily remove the page. There are some pages that I manage that were originally created by someone else and transferred to me. In these cases, I won't be able to remove the page immediately but will liaise with the person who did make the page originally to get it taken down or I will contact the website administrators to help me remove it. Please bear with me if this occurs, it may take some extra time.
Alternatively, if you don't mind a memorial page being for your relative on here, I can leave it up and transfer management properties to you for their page so you can control the profile and its information. Please contact me if you would prefer this instead.

The majority of plot locations from AustCemIndex and Find a Grave are in the process of being updated as they were originally taken from a defunct older website. The memorial park does not use location formats such as "East Terrace 1 Wall 6" or "South West Terrace Wall 144" or "Bush Land Sec 6", and uses names such as QH Wall, FA Garden, Eucalyptus Wall etc. Before putting in your photo requests, please ignore any plot details in the incorrect format and seek the correct details from the memorial park's office so that I can do the photo request for you. At the moment, the memorial park does not have an online directory to search and you must ask the office for the location details.

- If you would like to borrow one of my pictures to post on your family tree website, please include a link to the memorial or mention me by name. Please do not upload my photos to ACI or BillionGraves or another graving site.
- If someone has put through a photo request on one of my memorials, do not fulfill it by taking a photo from another website. Please only fulfill the request by going to the cemetery and taking the photo yourself. It is the honest way to do it and avoids copyright infringement.
- If you would like to manage a memorial page that I manage, please let me know via Suggest Edits, Suggest Other Corrections and let me know how you are related to the individual.
- I often photograph unmarked graves and specify in my comments why the person's name is not in the photo. It is usually one of three reasons: the person is buried in a plot but their name isn't on the headstone/plaque, the headstone/plaque is aged and hard to read, or their grave has no marker at all and is just a grass area. If you have any questions about a photo, please check my comment on the photo before contacting me; usually you can find the reason there.
- If I find more than one unmarked grave in a row, I will usually photograph all of the unmarked graves together in one photo and specify in my comment what range of unmarked graves are pictured.

- Find a Grave uses proper case for names. Please do not add names in all upper case or all lower case to help keep the website database orderly and consistent.
- If you sent an edit and made a mistake and want to undo the suggestion, if it hasn't been approved yet, click the Pencil symbol at the top of the page. Go to "Suggestions I've Sent", find the suggestion and click "Remove Request".
- If you submit an edit to someone and they don't approve/deny it right away, it will automatically be approved by Find a Grave after 21 days.
- If you send a "Suggest other corrections" message and are worried it won't be actioned by the memorial manager, make sure to opt in to receive a copy of the message. If after 30 days you get no response, forward your copy of the e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected] and ask them to follow up.
- If you find a sideways photo on Find a Grave and want to rotate it, click on the picture and under it are two rotation symbols (clockwise/counter-clockwise). You can rotate absolutely anyone's pictures, and rotating a picture will fix it for every user on here so please feel free to rotate any sideways photos you find - you'll be doing all of us a great service!
- Before requesting a photo, it greatly helps volunteers if you have the plot details. If the Plot/Cemetery Plot # field on a memorial is empty, check to see if the cemetery has an online search function to find out what the exact details are, otherwise ask the cemetery office for them. This will greatly increase your chances of having your request fulfilled.
- Before adding a memorial to a cemetery, please check thoroughly that the person is not on the site beforehand. Sometimes if you search a first, middle and last name, your search may come up nothing but just by searching a year and last name for example, you can find a person's memorial. It's very common for them to have typos so if you spot one, please report the errors via the Suggest Edits button.
- If you find two entries for one person, click Suggest Edits and Report Duplicate on one of the memorials and copy the Memorial ID# for the other to include in the report. You can find the Memorial ID# at the top and bottom of each memorial.
- If you can't find a grave, please don't hesitate to ask the cemetery's office for assistance to double check if it is unmarked or not. Sometimes the grave isn't unmarked but in a different place than specified on Find a Grave or - perhaps - you may just be looking in the wrong location.
- Don't expect consistency in cemeteries - I've been in enough to know they are never consistent in every area so don't be afraid to ask for help figuring them out.

- Bright sunny days are the best time for pictures! Usually the middle of the day is best for minimal shadows however some cemeteries are on hills so you may need to go earlier or later in the day for the best shots.
- If the headstone isn't shiny, standing a little ways back in front of the headstone and photographing it head on is the optimal angle.
- If the headstone is shiny, be careful - try and stand back but also to the side and/or crouch as you take your photo. That way, you get the photo head on without your face and body in the frame. If you are struggling, you can still manage to get a decent photo if you take it a little ways back and on an angle but a head on shot is best if you can do it.
- If a plaque is flat on the ground, try and stand as close to it as possible and point your camera down for the best angle. Just be careful not to cast a shadow.
- Make sure the plaque/headstone is in the centre of the photo and is not crooked.
- Clear photo quality is much appreciated by those wanting to read the messages on headstones/plaques. Some phone cameras are great for general pictures but when you zoom in on the pictures on the computer to read the inscription, they're often too pixelated to read. So if you have a good quality camera, I recommend you use that instead - the more megapixels, the better :)

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