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Jacqueline Lee Keith-Hepworth (aka Jackie) and her husband Kenneth Alfred Hepworth (aka Ken) are very much interested in Genealogy and work together as a team ... BUT each have their own FAG account.

Jackies surname interests are: Keith, Stanley, Tibbetts, Leavitt, Mullen, Rourke, Hanson and Eames.

Kens surname interests are: Hepworth, Morrison, Buck, Tootell, Armitage, Cookson and Bailey.

Jackie was born, in Malden MA. Until the age of 15 she lived in the MA towns of Medford, Stoneham and North Reading. At the age of 15 she moved to Derry NH. She married her high school sweetheart Ken in Derry. During her husbands 5 year job assignment in New Jersey she had 2 children. When the children were 2 and 3 she and Ken moved back to Derry where she currently lives.

Jackie has an extremely good childhood memory of many of the Keith stories that have been passed down to her ...eg. The Scottish Keith Castle (Dunnottar) and the 1st Keith who carried her Keith line from Scotland to Massachusetts in the 1600s.

In the USA, Jackie with much confidence, has traced her Keith ancestry back to her 7th Great Grandfather Rev. James Keith of West Bridgewater MA. With slightly less confidence , starting with her 8th Great Grandfather Robert Alexander Keith , she has traced her Scottish Keith ancestry back to her 22nd Great Grandfather in 980AD ...

Jackie looks forward to revisiting both England and Scotland .. and in particular visiting Dunnottar Castle in Scotland.

Prior to joining FIndAGrave in March of 2020 Jackie knew the following about her paternal Keith Lineage starting with her father GEORGE KEITH and ending with her 7th Great Grandfather REV. JAMES KEITH :

Father: George Hunt Keith (1915-1975); #209115173
Grandfather: Frederick Collins Keith (1873-1960); #144558681
1st Great Grandfather: Collins Alexander Keith (1840-1910); #120249022
2nd Great Grandfather: Collins Keith (1818-1905); #50524135
3rd Great Grandfather: Gershom Keith Jr. (1782-1841); No Memorial
4th Great Grandfather: Gershom Keith Sr. (1741-1813); #116074837
5th Great Grandfather: Capt. Garshom/Gershom Keith (1701-1770); #116068775
6th Great Grandfather : James Keith Jr. (1669-1739); No Memorial
7th Great Grandfather: Rev. James Keith (1644-1719); #205967354

After 3 weeks on FindAGrave and other Genealogy Websites the Paternal Keith Lineage was extended from her 7th Great Grandfather REV. JAMES KEITH (1644-1719) to her 28th Great Grandfather MARBHACHIR CHAMIUS KEITH. Note that Marbhachir was the "Chief of the Chatti" and was born in 980AD - yes 980AD!. The details of this extension follow:

8th Great Grandfather: Robert Alexander Keith (1612-1648); #209818027
9th Great Grandfather: George "5th Earl" Keith (1553-1623); #139730858
10th Great Grandfather: William "Sir" Keith (11527-1580); #183284497
11th Great Grandfather: William "4th Earl" Keith (1506-1581)
12th Great Grandfather: Robert "Master" Keith (1483-1525)
13th Great Grandfather: William "2nd Earl" Keith (1450- )
14th Great Grandfather: Sir William "1st Earl" Keith (1425-1482)
15th Great Grandfather: Sir William "KT" Keith (1389-1444)
16th Great Grandfather: Sir Robert "Marischal" Keith (1363-1430)
17th Great Grandfather: Sir William "Great Marischal" Keith (1315- )
18th Great Grandfather: Sir Edward de Keith (1280-1346)
19th Great Grandfather: Sir William de Keith (1236-1293)
20th Great Grandfather: Sir John "Marischal" de Keith (1212- )
21st Great Grandfather: Hervey "Marischal" de Keith (1187-1249)
22nd Great Grandfather: Sir Philip "Lord" de Keith (1161- )
23rd Great Grandfather: Sir Malcolm de Keith (1135-1220)
24th Great Grandfather: Sir Herveus "The Young" de Keith (1109-1196)
25th Great Grandfather: Hervey de Keith (1090- )
26th Great Grandfather: Warin "Progenitor" de Keith (1057 - )
27th Great Grandfather: Robert "Chattie Chief" Keith (1033 - )
28th Great Grandfather: Marbhachir Chamius "Chattie Chief" Keith (980- )

Note: A key link (and controversial link) in the above extension is regarding her 8th Great Grandfather ROBERT ALEXANDER KEITH (1612-1648). His Memorial was added by Jackies husband Ken based on information found on the familysearch.org website. It is suggested that you read his Memorial Bio at #209818027.

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