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This Bio was last edited on Feb. 17, 2022.

We would like to thank those who have contributed to our relatives' memorials and those who have sent in a suggested edit for the memorials we manage whether we accepted or declined the edit. If we missed your suggestion, please resubmit. We will try to respond to all suggestions sent to us as long as we have not deleted them by accident, which unfortunately has occurred.

When it comes to adding photos, if you have a photo you would like to add to your relative's memorial, please feel free to do so. Adding pictures to one of the memorials we manage is welcomed especially if you think your picture is better than the ones we put on that memorial, or if you would like to decorate a grave and then add a picture or pictures to a memorial to honor that person, please do so. We think it looks nice on a memorial when several people have taken an interest. Adding a flower is always welcomed.

We would appreciate that you not put newspaper articles on the memorials that have negative information that the family of the deceased would find hurtful or bring a feeling of shame to the family. Please do not add pictures of obituaries that contain the names of the living or possibly living; respecting their privacy is important. These memorials are intended to be a memorial of remembrance and honor and should respect their surviving family members. Viewing the memorials on this site should be a pleasant experience.

1.) When it comes to suggested edits to information about a particular individual, we ask that you check your source, especially if you have gotten it off the internet. We have received suggested edits from internet sources that have been shown to be incorrect. By checking your source, we will be able to ensure that we remain committed to our desire to honor the people of the memorials that we manage through accurate information about them. For example, if you find information that is based off a birth, death, or marriage certificate, please try to find the photocopy of the document. This will allow us to insure that what is written on the internet site matches what is written on the certificate (even though the individual who originally wrote the certificate may have written it incorrectly).

2.) With that in mind, we ask that you not send a suggested edit that you have copied off someone's family tree on Ancestry or any other family tree site. This is not your research but someone else's, and the information may or may not be correct. Remember, many people have the same name; therefore, we would appreciate any information you find be confirmed by you. In most cases we will not be researching other people's family trees; this is best done by their relatives. You will be credited for any information you send us that we use; your relationship to the deceased will not be included in the credit.

If you are providing a source from your own personal family tree history that has been handed down to you, we welcome your suggestions and greatly appreciate them. We love to see people take an interest in their family and work to preserve it for future generations. Without disclosing that you are a relative of the deceased, we will give you credit on the memorial for any information you send us that we use.

If you would like to have a memorial of one of your relatives transferred to you, do not hesitate to ask. We do transfer memorials to relatives as long as the person on that memorial is not a relative of ours; although, we will respect the list of required relative transfers. So, be sure to send us the information on what your relationship is to the person on the memorial. Either way, we will respond to you if you ask for a request.

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