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*I encourage all members to add as many flowers to my memorials as possible. I will do the same, in return. I ALSO HAVE DISABLED THE ABILITY TO CONTACT ME OUTSIDE OF FIND A GRAVE DUE TO A RUDE ASS CONTRIBUTOR, SO NO MORE PRIVATE MESSAGING ME, PERIOD.*

I am a Creole, born and raised in the Cajun Crossroads; my mother and her family are Cajun - our family name is Broussard.
As a young girl, I have always been fascinated by the sight of cemeteries. I always found myself venturing through them to see what was in store. They make me wonder what life was like for the people there during their lifespan.
Cemeteries are always looked at as scary and/or haunted, when in reality, they are a comfortable and quiet place. I'm a free spirited individual who loves life, is fascinated by spiritual things, and is passing this all on to my children.
Also, if you'd like, feel free to use my photos I take of resting spots and headstones for anything you may need them for; I believe in sharing. If you have any editing suggestions, or wish to add something to one of my memorials, please feel free to submit anything you have. Together, we can help everyone who has departed from this world be remembered.

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