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My interest in Ancestry led me to this site, where I can also help others discover their family's burial plots and fulfill their family tree. I will try to the best of my ability to take photos for anyone, if the cemetery location is reasonably close to where I live. My hope is others feel the same way I do about completing their family tree, and even if it's only a photo of a headstone, it feels like closure.

I lost my husband at a very young age; he was only 37, from an auto accident. We never got the chance to see him after his passing, so it felt like I had no closure or a chance to say goodbye. We had three small children at the time. I now keep his ashes in a small resting place in my living room, and a small locket holds his ashes close to my heart. A few people are taken aback by my choice of keeping a locket of his ashes to wear, but to me, it's simply to cope with his sudden loss, and have a sense of peace. To me, cemeteries are the most peaceful places to be. I constantly tend to my family's resting places, as well as strangers.

I strive every day to work on Ancestry and Find A Grave. It has now become a daily mission, and somewhat of a hobby, to find long lost family, and learn about our family's history, lineage, and heritage.

I'm was diligently searching for my birth mother, whom I've only met a few times as a toddler. Sadly, I've discovered the worst. She passed away December 31, 1999, just before the Millenium arrived, and also before I could arrive to know her better. I was adopted at the age of nine, causing a break in my family tree, and information had been lost. I'm originally from Chicago, IL, and plan to make a trip there in the near future to visit my mother's final resting place. If at all possible, I want to reconnect with my half-siblings. There is much drama between my eldest half sisters and I, but so far my half-brothers are more open to getting to know me and having a relationship. I plan to try to mend whatever wrongs they feel, and let them get to know me, as well as their long lost nieces and nephews.

Family is all we have in this life, and we only get ONE life to keep our family close, and love them while we're all here. That's one lesson my mother taught me.

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