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*Special note:
I'm currently dealing with a serious medical issue, so my responses may be delayed. Thanks for your understanding.

I started out just searching for my family story and my passion has just grown from there and now I also attempt to help others. I believe our stories are important and I like to help with that.

For my family lines, I'm interested in the names Clark, Cummins/Cummings, Cunningham, Eagley, Gerred, Everett/Everette/Everts/Everet, Harrington, Ladd, Stone, West, and Wyrick.

For my offsprings family lines, you can add the names Bird, Brendle, Dunn, Hagan, Hogan, Lawson, Lewis, Short, Smith, Tillery, Trower, and Wilson

I'm willing to transfer memorials, just message me with memorial ID, name, and your relationship to the deceased and I will be happy to transfer unless it's a direct relative of mine, in which case, welcome family we've made a connection. I generally follow FindaGrave's policies on this.

I will do my best to answer all requests, just give me time.

If you have other questions or comments, please feel free to ask. Also, I will happily source my edits, if you have questions about that, just please be sure that I can either reply to or message you regarding your inquiries. I usually try to include that anyway in the suggest other questions area before I submit the changes, but sometimes I forget.

A few common answers to possible questions.

My transcriptions of any inscription edits are currently done strictly by the photos attached to the memorial.

I will also suggest any other info that is readily available on the pic of the headstone attached to the memorial.

If I have run across the obit, I will generally suggest the information contained within as an edit and often I will add it as a picture to the memorial, unless it's a particularly long obit. In that case, I'd be happy to share a copy with you and you are welcome to transcribe it in the bio section of the memorial.

I am human. I make mistakes. I do not intentionally enter false or misleading information on the memorials I hold or in my suggestions to others.

This is a collaborative site and I do my best to honor all the contributors and memorials on this sight. Please extend the same courtesy to me.

For the record and in the spirit of sharing, I commonly use the following sources as a means to help find information. Ok2Explore,, FamilySearch, Ancestry,, and the public library. The sites are usually fast if they have the info. The library is the best and most fun, there's so much information there.

Thanks for participating in this quest to unite families and share their stories.

As a post script, I have included relatives of mine that also share a passion for genealogy and are contributors here on this site.


Charline Chotrow, 2nd cousin

Debra Durst, 1st cousin, once removed

Rosa Kirkwood, 1st cousin, once removed

Jeff Morgan, 2nd cousin

Gwen Nolte, 1st cousin, twice removed

Laura Travis, 1st cousin, once removed

Jamie Wyrick, 2nd cousin

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