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I do NOT like the "new" site. Too much has changed. I won't be back. When I NEED a tutorial to use a website that I have already been using, then IMHO that website has changed too much.

Why does FAG want to know my location? Oh, yeah, to post targeted ads.

So why am I here? I'm not into genealogy. I only knew one grandparent, and she's been gone for 35 years. But, I found it so interesting that I found a picture of my paternal grandmother's stone, and she died when my dad was 8, that I decided to help others by "mowing the lawns."

I'm not "in love" with any of the memorials that I have created. If you want a transfer, it's yours. :)

328 successful edits so far! I think proof reading is one of my strengths.

I'm not perfect! If you find a mistake of any kind, I would be very grateful if you pointed it out. I DO check to see if there is an existing memorial before I create one, but, again, I am not perfect. Thank you!

My "claim to fame" was finding a stone from a cemetery that people were trying to locate for some time. (Bennett Cemetery, North Barrington, Illinois.) It was from the mid-19th century, and was on private property. I guess I trespass better than most. :)

My other claim to fame is being the first to photograph, with the exception of one photo, the graves in Hope Grove Cemetery, in Round Lake, Illinois.

I have never failed to respond to an FAG member. I've never had anyone contact me who was rude or out of line. We are here to help each other create the most accurate memorials that can be made.

I have literally thousands of photos to upload. But, I've noticed something; Most of the old-timers, in years on FAG, not age, seem to be hostile and bitter, with all their do's and don'ts. If this site ever gets to be a drag to me, I'm gone. Why would I do something in my free time that wasn't enjoyable?

Retired. Plenty of time to wander around the cemeteries in my area.

I consider taking photos as a way of recording the information on the stones. This is actually WHY we take the photos.

I encourage and am very appreciative of any corrections of my info that I have entered.

I'm surprised by how many people walk their dogs through a cemetery.

After several hundred photos, I got smart, and kept my added photos at under 3mb.

I didn't know people had gravestones made for themselves BEFORE they died.

I won't upload a gravestone pic if someone else already did, UNLESS mine is of much higher quality.

Here's what I want my tombstone to say; "Will Rogers never met him."

It's always a surprise to me to run across a stone of someone I once knew.

It's always a shock to stumble upon a stone of someone who has the same last name as me. :)

If a cat ever talks to me in a cemetery, I'm going to ignore it.

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