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I first got interested in cemeteries when my 4th grade teacher in the 90's gave my class an assignment to go out to an old cemetery of our choice, draw a map, find a family that lived in the 1800’s that died either on the same day or within days of each other, record the information, & tell what we thought happened to them using what info we had. I got interested again when doing my ancestry And I started to go out to cemeteries and I found cemeteries and graves that had been completely lost or forgotten & I learned these are more than just stones with names & dates & more than just graves of someone who has died. this is history, these people had a story and a life and they deserve to be recorded and preserved and I eventually became a member of my local county cemetery preservation commission which my county is lucky to have because some counties do not have one only F.A.G volunteers. A lot of records got destroyed by courthouse fires, abandoned or destroyed records kept by churches, and funeral home records lost for whatever reason, and now there are cemeteries that are completely forgotten, blank headstones, Some Just a rock to mark it, and Some without even a stone & their where abouts are unknown. There are Cemeteries that have been lost covered up by time and reclaimed by the growth of trees and bushes and vines or new development. That is what made me see the significance of being a find a grave contributor. Find a grave can be a great resource but I feel it also can attract the wrong kind of attention from some people who aren't educated on what to and not to put on graves for example most chalk has a chemical in it that is not good for gravestones and please do not use a sharpie on the stone use a hand held soft bristled broom to sweep it off and please don't use any chemicals unless they are made for cleaning gravestones like D2 or warm soapy water. Please read about properly cleaning headstones if you decide to do it. And please don’t be a contributor just to have a high number of memorials some I have seen will have hundreds or thousands of memorials and never have taken a single photo or added any info or linked any family members

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