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When requesting a headstone photo for any cemetery please call the cemetery office and get a location to add to your request.

Areas @ Bellevue 99+% photographed:
Sections: 6, 10, 13, 21, 28, lower 12
Groups: 10, 14, 15
New Veterans: (along Reservoir St.) 100% photographed
WW1 veterans: (in Old Yard) 100% photographed
Many other areas @ Bellevue are extensively photographed.

KEY for finding locations at Bellevue cemetery Lawrence, MA.
"Group" = Old Yard between May & Reservoir streets.
"Section" = So called new section between Reservoir & Woodland streets.

1. Go to the "SECTION" or "GROUP" number. (on Bellevue map).
2. Go to the "Lot". Headstone should be @ that location.
3. Grave number is used by cemetery workers.
4. Interment number is a helpful to distinguish between two people with identical names and also to locate office records.

5. Click "SHOW MAP" feature on memorial:
When making a memorial check out the "Pin On Map" feature. If the person who made the memorial applied this feature it's a great resource in locating the "Section" or "Group" at Bellevue or a location at any cemetery.
Click "Show Map" on the finished memorial once you have "Pinned" the location and it will bring you very close to the actual gravesite.

BELLEVUE CEMETERY: Bellevue cemetery is a little over one hundred acres, with tens of thousands of gravesites. The first recorded burials there were in 1847 when Lawrence was recognized by the state as a town and later incorporated as a city in 1853. The cemetery is divided into two parts, the older part where the office building is located is called the "Old Yard" and lies between May and Reservoir streets. The "Old Yard" is divided into areas called "Groups" where individual lots are located. If a numerical location starts with the word "Group" it's going to be in the "Old Yard".
The, so called, newer part of Bellevue cemetery is referred to as the "New Section". This "Newer Section" lies between Reservoir, Barker and a small portion of Woodland streets. Although it's called the "New Section" there are plenty of old grave sites there. If you have a numerical location that starts with the word "Section" it will be in that part of Bellevue below where the huge red brick water tower is located. Information gathered for memorials from any type of written or printed source is always suspect and there are usually errors to deal with, some minor, some major. The best information (as far as I'm concerned) comes from the headstones themselves because 1. The family pays good money for a workman to enter the correct information and 2. The family members that are still living, who have paid for the headstone will check the information that was carved into it, which they expect to be correct and to last many generations. In the end, all anyone can do is to be as accurate as they can and try to find corroborating documentation when possible. Even then there will be errors, hopefully minor. If anyone has comments or suggestions please feel free to email me.
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