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If you have been helped by any of the memorials that I have created or photographed, I ask that you please take a moment to visit just one Veteran from my virtual cemetery. Many of them have received little to no "virtual visitors". I would like to think that someday the family of these vets will find their memorial and be comforted knowing their loved one was thought of and remembered by others.

The photos I take may be shared by you however you like. Credit me, don't credit me--it does not matter. I take photos to aid people in their research and also for those that can't travel to see their loved ones markers. That's all I'll say about that.

Also, I am of NO relation to any of the Oklahoma memorials that I have created and would be happy to transfer them to family members. I just enjoy spending my free time walking the cemeteries and photographing as I find them a peaceful place to reflect on life. (As well as wrestle with my nemesis, the most infamous thief of all time - Death.)

****I DO photo shop living people's names and birth dates from all photos. This is purely out of respect for their privacy and not out of any disrespect to the actual marker******

Because I have seen so many other Gravers on here do the following, I feel maybe I should too. In the event of my death please transfer all of my memorials to Find A Grave. My children unfortunately want absolutely nothing to do with what they call my 'Grave Digging' hobby. Although I've assured them I'm doing no such thing when I head out to the cemetery armed with a camera and bug spray.

I began my search through my family tree not that long ago and hit a HUGE brick wall with my gr gr grandmother who I never knew anything about. She was super tricky to trace as she never used the same name twice on any documents (nicknames, what could be a first name, middle name, etc), and had a difficult to spell Dutch last name that was butchered on all censuses.
She remains in what my family now jokingly refers to as the after-life witness protection program.

'Life is a journey and ka is but a wheel'
Please keep in mind, all the cemeteries I take photos at are in Oklahoma. Where the weather is brutal, the red clay will win every time, and quite frankly, there are things roaming that bite, sting, and spray. I try my best to get clear and concise pictures that I would like to display for my own family. So if you are unhappy with them, I will remove them. I will never be rude. Please pay me the same courtesy.
A site I've found super useful for military veterans buried overseas:
My Crowell family has kept me very, very busy! They were a rowdy bunch, and not easy to pin down. Always interested in sharing family stories & information. When your mother's name is Mercy, and your sister's name is Mercy, and you marry a Mercy, really....you name your daughter Mercy? I can't be the only one that finds things like this.


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