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Hello, my name is Shawntrell Washington, I am the son of Shawna Redman and Terrell Washington, Sr., I am one of six children. When I was about nine years of age, my great-aunt passed away, God rest her beautiful soul. While they were making her obituary, I had overheard where my great-grandmother had a son that passed away three months after birth. So I started asking questions like, were was he buried, and what was his name. My great-grandmother told me, he was my only son, his name was Ronald Anthony Twyman, and he is buried in the Thorn Rose Hill Cemetery, which is located right up the street from my grandmother's home. I asked my mother to take me up there, so she did and when we arrived there was no headstone or marker made for the baby. So when I reached the age 12, I was old enough to walk up there by myself. I've always enjoyed cleaning up graves and putting flowers back on them neatly, and would collect flowers thrown on the side and put them on the graves of people who didn't have any, little things like that. In 2015 I was able to get together with some friends and we made my grandmother's son a wooden cross. One time we were having a family occasion at my great-grandmothers home and they had sent me up there to make sure she was okay. When I got up there I seen an old photograph of a white woman, she had brown eyes and grey hair. I asked my great-grandmother, Grandma? Who's this white woman? She looked at me and said, "Sweet heart, that white woman happens to be your great-great-grandmother". I started asking all kinds of questions about her, like, what was her name? Who are her parents, how many siblings did she have. So she told me, well dear I called her mom, she started laughing, but her name was Cora Lee Redman, her father's name was Arch, and her mother's name was Anna. She was one of 13 children. So from there on is we're my insane urge of wanting to do family history began. I was so obsessed that I asked some of my home town friends who their grandparents were, and I would talk to their parents and more, and would you believe some of their great-great-grandparents was a brother or sister to my great-great-grandma Cora! Some people from my home town was related to me even farther down the line. People would always ask me, "Shawntrell what is with your obsession with your family tree for". I would always respond with this and still do. It would be such a shame for me or a far down the line relative to be in the hospital and not know there was a family member right around the corner, and it's also a respectful thing. I do it because you should always know your family roots. When it comes to "Black History" a lot of sacrifices were made. Some involved babies being taken away from there mommy's for absolutely no good reason at all. No matter what color, race or branch I have broken from, I've tried my hardest to learn them all. I am only 15 years old now, and are still digging for more. Also, anyone who needs help on their search for family, I would be glad to help you on your search as well. I will transfer memorials I have made to other families memorials to other living family members. But if you're my relative, then if you are more immediate than I am I will consider transferring the memorial to you!

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