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My name is Sheila Diane Rast Wilson but I always try to post Sheila Rast Wilson because I am looking for any family members that I have yet to meet & Especially any members of My Duncan Family, (My Grandpa's Name: Walter Lee Rast & His wife/My Grandma's Name: Mary Lue DUNCAN Rast the Daughter of Jonathan Duncan & Margaret Leecie Duncan, They are deceased) My Dad is Tulon W. Rast (1932-Present) My Mom Mary Alice Patrick Rast (1935-1984). If you are Kin to me in anyway by blood or by marriage I am on Facebook (Sheila Rast Wilson & if your last name isn't one I would know plz msg me to let me know who you are) I have a group for any one who is kin to me in any way rather by blood or by marriage called "FAMILY ONLY" it's a closed group & again if I don't recognize your last name PLEASE FACEBOOK message ME TO LET ME KNOW BECAUSE IF YOU ARE KIN TO ME IN ANY WAY WHAT-SO-EVER YOU DEFINITELY HAVE A PLACE IN THIS GROUP & IN MY HEART. If you have any info on my Duncan Family &/or The Duncan Mountain between Cherokee, AL & Tuscumbia, AL them PLEASE MESSAGE ME ABOUT IT-It means a lot to mean, (I am also hoping with all my heart to hear from Frances Duncan that takes care of The Grave of The Grandson of My Great Grandfather Jonathan Duncan-Rather kin by blood or by marriage Frances Duncan You ARE my Family & I really need you to help fill the missing pieces of my heart-You are my family even if by marriage You Are My Family & I hope you will except me as family). (All My Kin Surnames that I'm sure of are: Rast, Duncan, Patrick, Carmack)...

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