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If you have found a family member Memorial on Find A Grave then you are the recipient of some kindness and effort on the part of a volunteer. Someone once said that creating Memorials on FAG is like the proverbial Message-in-a-bottle— being cast out onto the sea of the internet, waiting to be found and linked back to a family. I enjoy creating those Memorial-Message-in-a-Bottle items.

Creating a Memorial, taking a photo, transcribing a photo, editing the data on the Memorial to improve it; these volunteer actions should be encouraged, even if there end up being some mistakes, (as the clues do help and corrections can be made), and the ultimate family member connection is the one who may provide the most accurate answer, and the one who will benefit from other’s efforts.

Thank you so much to the volunteers who not only list the information but also provide a photograph of the stones and markers, and check to see if inscriptions have been posted.
Your efforts have not gone unnoticed by me.

Duplicates: It's never my intention to create a duplicate on purpose. If you come across a duplicate I have made, please use the SAC (on the edit tab) and let me know. Please include both, original memorial & duplicate memorial numbers to make it easy to review the dup.

Please don't leave change or transfer requests on my message board, I would prefer that you follow the FAG method of making requests with the edit button on the memorial, so proper changes can be accurately completed.

I willingly make transfers within the 4 generation "Find A Grave" Guidelines which are:
Spouses, Parents, Brothers and Sisters, Children, Grandchildren, Great-grandchildren, Grandparents, and Great-grandparents. Please use the "EDIT" tab to ask for EACH transfer. PLEASE STATE YOUR EXACT RELATIONSHIP TO THE DECEASED.

If you are seeking transfer to "have all your family together" ~ use the virtual cemetery button. Then all of the memorials will be in the same "cemetery", and you can look at them daily.

Should you find a relative of your family with a memorial registration in a Cemetery that totally shocks you- join the club, people are buried all over the world and finding their final resting place can be like a treasure hunt for names and graves. People with Russian, Italian, British descent have all found ancestors buried in Australia, and they never knew they emigrated.

Enjoy the search and may you find your ancestor’s Memorial — or build it yourself, that’s even better.

Contact: Leave Me a Message on the Board.

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