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On 09 July 2014, my world stopped briefly and my heart was shattered, as I watched my Daddy take his last breath. It has been the hardest event thus far that I have ever done in my entire life. A piece of my heart is now empty and it will never be filled until I see my Daddy again. As all of you know, time doesn't stop for anyone's grief. Despite my heart break, I have had to continue living my life. It has definitely been a struggle. Despite the hurt and emptiness that I have felt, I have to keep my Daddy's Memory ∞♡∞ Alive and I have the Most Perfect and Most Amazing Blessings to continue my journey: They are my children: Matthew, Justin, Gabriel, Zoey; my Husband of 22 years: Robbie ♡ and my 3 grandbabies (my LolliPoppers): Jackson, Harper & Bentley. My Daddy passed away before my LolliPoppers made their entrance into this world, but I know they as well as my children & myself have our very own angel and I know he is super proud ♡ ♡ ♡ A bit more about me: ∞∞ My husband ♡, my children♡ and my Lollipoppers♡ are the reason I breathe ∞∞!! I Love being a Momma ♡, being with ∞∞ my Family♡, Genealogy♡, History, Drawing, Music, Photography, Helping Others and etc. ∞♡∞ "FAMILY IS EVERYTHING!!" But too many folks fail to realize the importance of family and take it for granted too often!! ∞♡∞ ∞♡∞ IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW WHERE YOU COME FROM, TO KNOW WHO YOU COME FROM, TO KNOW THEIR STRUGGLES, TO KNOW THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS, TO KNOW THEIR JOURNEYS, TO KNOW THEIR HISTORY, TO KNOW THEIR HEART BREAKS AND HAPPINESS, TO KNOW THEIR BATTLES AND WARS, TO KNOW THEIR MISTAKES AND FAILURES. GOOD AND BAD! ITS UP TO US TO KEEP THEM ALIVE!! ∞♡∞ ∞♡∞ OUR FAMILY TREE SURNAMES ∞♡∞ (there is so many surnames, the following lists are just a few that come to my mind quickly) Me: · Proffitt · Greer · Rambo · Reece · Willis · Rogers · Williams · Eggers · Stout · Mains · Miller · Cole · Walker · Thomas · My Husband: · Davis · Williams · Russell · Estep · Stidham · Scalf · Jenkins · Parsons · Wilson · Shoun · Johnson · White · Osborne · That is just to name a few. If you think we may share an ancestor or etc. Feel free to contact me. I will get back to you asap. .... and To Visitors, Friends & Family, I am truly Thankful for your visits, kind words and virtual gifts. It fills my heart with happiness and love. Please visit as much as possible. I will visit as many memorials as I can as soon as I can. Again, Thank You ♡♡ ~~{Cori}~~ ∞♡∞ OUR SWEET FAMILY ∞♡∞ ❤My Amazing Daddy Jackie Bruce Proffitt ❤My Husband's Mother Yvonne E. Williams Smith ❤My Amazing "Gran"dmother Beulah Proffitt Carr ❤My Beautiful Grandmother Beulah Jean Reece Allen ❤My Papaw Proffitt Bruce Proffitt ❤My Papaw Willis John R. Willis ❤My Husband's Pappy Paul Davis ❤My Husband's Mamaw Lela Lela Davis ❤My Husband's Aunt Frankie Nowlin ❤My Papaw Reece Hill Reece ❤My Mamaw Reece Ethel Reece ❤My Great Aunt Flora Flora Moore ❤My Great Papaw Willis Lee Roy Willis ❤My Great Mamaw Willis Fannie Willis ❤My Great Papaw Greer David Greer ❤My Great Mamaw Greer Bertha Greer ❤My Great Uncle Avery Avery Greer ♡SWEET FRIENDS ♡ ❤Matt Stines ❤Stacy Buchanan Johnson ❤Karen Vestal ♡OUR PETS ♡ ♡ Girl Kitty ♡ Nezzi

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