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'People will not look forward to posterity, who never looked backward to their ancestors.'

Edmund Burke

I'm researching with my father and we decided to help contribute to FindAGrave so we could learn more about our family. I have been researching since 2011. The most difficult part about researching, or at least in my opinion, is trying to learn about a branch of the family where records are sparse, and when people give you trees with no sources and incorrect information. I can help translate documents, graves, etc. for no fee, because I like to assist people with research.
About me:
I'm an artist and a student, and I live in eastern Minnesota. With my spare time, I like to research my family history. It's pretty addicting once you really delve into your roots. Yes, I'm very Norweigan if you didn't notice. I also really like wolves and dogs.
Names I'm Interested In:
Thygeson (Tÿgesen) - Denmark/Norway
Dunaiski - Poland
Kucza - Poland?
Smith - Ireland/England?
Hubbell - England
Considine - Ireland
Fuller - England
Syverson - Norway
Howell - Wales
Karlstad - Norway
Haug(e)rud - Norway
Tischer - Germany
Mills - England?
Contact Info:
Need help with researching, translating, etc.? You can contact me at
You can also email me if you are a relative and would like family tree stuff.
I have so many people in my family tree, 1,400 at least, or at least if you consider that a lot, just ask me about things you would like to know about a specific branch if you think you're a relative, having to do with the names listed under Names I'm Interested In.
Yester Year

"In Yester Year the times were tough,
Making a living was really rough.
Starting chores well before daybreak.
A meager living they did make.

Out of the wilds they made their living,
They were kind and thoughtful always giving.
Diverse were the Faiths and backgrounds found,
Of these people who tilled the ground.

Their children grew and scattered about.
This world became theirs, they are found throughout.
A few remain in Wisconsin, the county of Clark.
And yet old memories continue to spark.

They reminisce and share the past,
It is their hope that this will last.
Even though they scattered far and wide,
There’s a beautiful kinship still residing inside."
-Elaine Wood Greene/Jenson

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