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Hello Members,
Happy to return to Find A Grave. Meet you each and all again.
Great things have arrived, new photos, more history to write about the pasted of others.

Since the age of 7 years old, journeyed with my parents to our/my first funeral. Great Uncle Bill, many many came after. Today I walked the Greenwood Cemetery in Norfolk County, Ontario, with a camera in one hand, the other a small note book, with requests.

Pick a perfect day, time about 10 a. m. when the sun is in the right position, for about 3 hours. Both sides of the stones are readable.
Bottle of water. Camera batteries & extra cards for more pictures.

I don't do 'dots' here and there only when necessary.

*****Soldiers fought in every war in the world. Bring them closer to home to their families.*****
Chauny Communal Cemetery British Extension Memorials in France. View and Request Photo of a Soldier with no picture.
1 of many Cemeteries of War.

Note: Grave owners are responcible for the shrubs, trees and flowers they plant, too take care.

*Note: Nick names can not be used, if used in the proper name.*

Replaced Photo's on your memorials.......All Cemeteries hire companies to arrive and spray a chemical that totally cleans the headstones of your loved ones.
Before And After, photos are taken again and added too your family memorials. 'you need to know.'

Plant A Tree - tree roots damage the cripts, casing your coffin is resting in to protect your after life. Dead wood falls from trees on stand up stones and flat stones.
We visit cemetery's often, as family members, others walk for exercise.

Here's a smile for us all to date 42,987 pictures on findagrave X 3 = 120,000 taken.

Whats new on Find A Grave - Plot info: Section P2, Row M, 8 in bold black letters. In Search Memorial Records.....If you click on the Plot info... right too the memorial. But out of the Search Memorial Records.

My List of Memorials 'very' old - by Names and Dates are organized by - Charles Unknown, Unknown Burke, Unknown Unknown. Look for those names in my listings. The stone is in the cemetery with a person to be recorded. Someone on find a grave is looking knowing they have information, the stones are well aged, hard to read, even a picture, may help find their family member. Change the First name, Last name of your search in my memorials.

Barbara A Seitz
~~~~~~~ I WAS LOSTED ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Barbara Ann Seitz ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I became lost, and wanted to be found,
I went into the house of the Lord,
I walked to the second step from the top
I could not go further.
Tears came to my eyes, and became silent
A minister's footsteps came where I stood,
He stood before me, with an out stretched hand
As my hand reached out, placed it in his.
Felt the warmth, calmness and caring strength
Showed me the way to come home,
The Reverend spoke these words
The Lord, would like to hear your prayers.
Of troublesome sadness, weaknes, your losses
He would like to walk with you a while,
Till you find your way
And gain strength to go forward.
As we walked, he carried me along my way
I am at peace now and will see,
My Lord Once More.
Author of this poem, in the year 2003
Written by Barbara Ann (Dredge) Seitz 2017
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Find A Grave Story ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
We love it when our members share stories of how Find A Grave® has helped connect them to their ancestors. We recently heard a touching story about how Find A Grave helped one man to connect with more than 50 living family members – and it was all thanks to a simple photograph.

In 1944, Wanda McKnight gave birth to a son named Jimmie Don McKnight. Jimmie Don grew up and at age 18, moved away. He fell in love and married a young woman named Sharron. They lived in Illinois and had a baby boy named Ronnie Lee.

Wanda was anxious to meet her new daughter-in-law and grandson, but before she had the chance, Jimmie Don died tragically at age 19. In one life-changing moment, Wanda lost her son, Sharron lost her husband, and seven-month-old Ronnie lost his father. Sadly, the two families lost track of each other.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Find A Grave Story ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Angel of Grief
The memorials added to Find A Grave® not only document the burial locations or dispositions of those who have passed on, but also memorialize and celebrate their lives.

We've received messages from you that mention how visiting a Find a Grave memorial has helped with the grieving process. We all know the sadness and loneliness that follows after a loved one dies and are glad that leaving flowers and visiting the memorial helps.

A particular sculpture captures this sadness: the Angel of Grief, which graces the grave of Emelyn Story. The angel is dressed in classical Roman attire. Her face remains unseen unless you are close to the sculpture. The angels' wings dominate the scene, but even they look to feel the despair as they drape over the altar to the ground. She seems to be abandoning all else as she steps up and falls on the altar of life in mourning. Her body is eternally slumped in bereavement. The laurel branches that she brought to the altar have fallen from her hand and lie at the base, their evergreen leaves, which symbolize victory and immortality, no longer victorious.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Find A Grave ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The Measure Of A Man
Not - How did he die, But - how did he live, Not - what did he gain, But - what did he give. These are the units, To measure the worth of a man, as a man. Regardless of birth.

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