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First, I want to thank everyone who contributes to FAG! Your time, efforts, data, photos, and memorial transfers are both precious, sincerely appreciated, and truly invaluable to family members! (*To "grave collectors" who ignore or refuse transfer requests from direct descendants, shame on you! Per FAG rules, if you are not family, you MUST transfer memorials to immediate family upon request!)

Personally, I'm here to Honor, Memorialize, and Connect families (mine and yours), so feel free to ask me for help! And please contact me if you have family info/photos to share! Family members are welcome to copy my photos (a photo credit is appreciated as it helps connect extended families who may not know one another)!

MY PRIMARY GOAL here is to honor our ancestors by linking family memorials together, posting photos and family history, and adding missing details to memorials. Also, to share what I've learned of my heritage, for the benefit of relatives and future generations!

MY LINEAGE can be traced thru these FAG memorials:
Father: Ervine TUCKER FAG# 152518115
Mother: Kathleen MCCOY Tucker (living)
Maternal Grandmother: Ethel ROSS McCoy Clements FAG# 101489382 (MCCOY m. ROSS/MANCHESTER of San Francisco and Gustine, CA; MANCHESTER m. PEARCE/OCONNER of Australia)
Maternal Grandfather: Harry MCCOY FAG#100137753

MY FAMILY HISTORY (1st DRAFT below with updates coming soon), includes our family's ancestral origins, migrations and other interesting findings (from DNA results, genealogy, historical and geographical records, family documents and oral history). I've also included some notable ancestors; and ended with more recent family background (an expanding work-in-progress).

As my DNA depicts below, most of my early American ancestors emigrated from Northern Europe; primarily from Ireland, Scotland, and England; and from Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Finland). Though not currently shown in my DNA results (due to lack of a "representative samples"), my earlier ancestors also included indigenous peoples from at least two ancient Native American lineages; the the Muskogee/Chickasaw and Iroquois/Cherokee Indians (surnames DAVIS and ROSS respectively; whose tribal heritage will be included in the next update).

Before and after reaching America, many my forebears were farmers and seafarers; also blacksmiths, carpenters, boat builders, horse breeders/traders, warriors, and indigenous "naturals" (including ancient Vikings, Saxons and Celts; Britons of Scotland; and Native American Indians)! And of course, their better-halves were wives, mothers, pioneers, volvas and squaws!

Through living relatives and research, I've discovered that my ancient progenitors can be traced all the way back to Joseph of Arimathea... and to Dark Age Vikings thru Harald "Bluetooth" Gormsson (King of Denmark and Norway)... And to a Middle Age King of Scotts (thru his son/namesake Robert-the-Bruce and "of the Shenandoah"). And also to the French Royal Court via Norman, English and Scottish royals during the Viking raids, the Middle Ages, and also the Renaissance era!

ETHNIC ORIGINS: Accordingly, much of my DNA is traced to the dozens of Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean including the British Isles (off Ireland and Scotland); Isle of Man (in the Irish Sea); The Shetlands and Hebrides (in the North Sea); and islands in the Norwegian Sea; the Baltic Sea (Gotland), and in the English Channel (off the coasts of England, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands)! (Surely where I get my deep love for the sea and sailing, and my innate navigation skills!)

My Primary Ethnicities include:
-70% from England, Wales and Northwestern Europe; primarily Belgium, Channel Islands, Britain (inc Brittany, Normandy, Hauts de France; Jersey Isle), and Northern Denmark (Jutland and Sjaelland).
-27% from Ireland, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and the Scottish Isles (Inner and Outer Hebrides, The Orkneys, The Uist Isles, Isle of Skye, and Fair Isle, Shetland).
-3% Iceland, Norway and Sweden (inc. Gotland Isle)

From these ancient progenitors: Ancient Celts, Britons, Old Norse Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Norman Kings, Brigands, Englishmen, Irishmen, Lords and Scottish Highlanders... and ancient Native American "Indians"... came New World immigrants... America's "First Families".

INDIGENOUS ROOTS from both East and West : Originating from both East Asia and Northern Europe (Siberia and Scandinavia)
(see attachment: pending, next update!)

*AMERICAS "FIRST PEOPLES": Crossing the Beringia land bridge
(see attachment; pending next update!)
(see attachment; pending next update!)
(see attachment; pending next update!)

MY NATIVE AMERICAN LINEAGES: First came the Muscogeans, ancestors of the Chickasaw Indians (of western Tennessee), were thought to be one branch of the Mississippian mound-building culture. Second, the Iroquoians, first known as the Tsalagi, were ancestors of the Cherokee Indians who migrated south from the Great Lakes Region.

*MY AMERICAN "FIRST FAMILY" circa 1600 was an adventurous English family of 3, surnamed BIGGS who sailed to America in 1604; to become one of America's "First Families" who 10 generations ago, settled the Jamestown Colony of Virginia! Their sons were titled "America's First Born"; loyal Britons and subjects of England's King James.

VIRGINIA COLONY OF JAMESTOWN: Our first "New World" ancestor Capt. BIGGS, an "original colonist", was a ships captain who arrived in Jamestown on 3 successive sailings from England. First, as a passenger aboard the Susan Constant [in 1607]; again [in 1610] on The Swan, with his wife Ann BOOKER and her servant; then again later on the ship Marigold [in 1618]. After a decade of plantation building, Capt. Forester was popularly elected [in 1619] to Virginia's House of Burgess's General Assembly (the first democratically elected legislative body in the New World)! As a large landowner, and a Burgess (a delegated representative of the commonwealth), his assets were scrupulously documented.. His tax & census records provide us with an extensive inventory of "original colonists" plantation goods, revealing much about plantation life in Jamestown (including the exact number of cows, chickens, plows, rakes, pots, pans, dishes, silverware, linens, buckets, brooms, shovels, hoes, etc.)! This inventory can be found online at at : __________.

*IMMIGRATION 1700-1750: Cotton and tobacco plantations of Virginia and North Carolina lured Europeans; especially England's 'second sons' of landed gentry (due to "primogenitor", inheritance laws that favored first-born sons), and drew the indentured servants that followed them. They also enticed the Scots-Irish who were fleeing political unrest, and German peasants who'd been devastated by famine and decades of war in southwest Germany. Later extended family, my branch of ancestors, came as well: TUCKER & MCCOY from Ireland and Scotland, WOLFE from Denmark & Germany, ARMSTRONG & MANCHESTER from England, ROSS from Sweden...

*SUBSISTENCE LIVING in 1775: In the South, tobacco was a valuable cash crop. Farmers also raised wheat, corn, livestock; meanwhile tradesmen built mills alongside streams to process the harvested grain. Home industries and small town shops proliferated: brewers, blacksmiths, wheelwrights, hat makers and weavers. Towns often formed along ethnic lines: Scots-Irish villages formed down the road from German towns... Meanwhile Indians occasionally attacked, both independently and collectively (and later were 'hired' warriors during the French and Indian War [a territorial battle between Britain and France over New World territory]).

GEORGIA FAMILY circa 1770: Our ancestor Steven Heard, built Heards Fort and Stockade in 1774, as a travelers refuge from Cherokee and Creek Indian attacks. Later Heard served as President (modern day Governor) of Georgia (1780-81). Then came the American Revolution (1785-1783) where Heard became a lifetime friend of General George Washington while serving together in the Continental Army. (Heard named his son after George; a namesake). Later, in 1884 Heard's Fort became Georgia's seat of government; (it's now the city of Washington, in Wilkes County, Georgia). Nearby "Mont Heard" was his homestead (the house is no longer there);, and nearby Heard County is a namesake. Family elders, say his/our relative Joseph Heard, was a Spy, a member of the Scouts and Spies of the GA Militia.

*FAMILY MIGRATION circa 1800: Several ancestors had migrated south, from North and South Carolina. A few settled in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee; others settled in Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania.

LOUISIANA TERRITORY circa 1800: Our ancestor William Charles Cole Claiborne (Louisiana Territory Governor ) personally supervised the transfer of Louisiana Territory into U.S. control after The Louisiana Purchase in 1803. He also governed the "Territory of Orleans" until statehood (1804-1812); then was elected Governor of the State. He was (and may still be) the youngest state Governor ever elected.


Circa 1840: My forefather Chief John Ross (b. 1790; a Cherokee Indian, and part Scottish) served as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation (1828-1866) headquartered at New Echota, Georgia. He fought diligently in Washington DC for decades trying to preserve the Cherokee Nation's homeland (43,000 square miles in Georgia), and their nation state's independence. He fervently opposed the New Etocha Treaty; the Removal Act; and the Confederates. Unfortunately, while on the verge of success, incoming Pres. Andrew Jackson rejected his petitions. Suddenly in 1830 his people were forcefully "removed" from all their property (land, homes, farms, equipment, household goods etc). In 1838-39 those who still remained, were forced-marched under duress, onto the "Trail of Tears". Thousands died before reaching Oklahoma. Some of my DAVIS ancestors seemed to have escaped the worst... perhaps were overlooked, or by removing themselves beforehand (from Tennessee to Banks, AR). Or perhaps, the DAVIS family were natives of the Banks, Bradley County area? (known address Eagle Post Office; Redland )...

Circa 1850: Down South in/around Banks, AR, lived my future paternal 3X Grandmother (Sarah M. DAVIS (of Redland [Eagle Post Office], AR; born in TN]). She and her Tennessee siblings & ancestors were pure blood Native Americans, thought to be Cherokee or possibly/probably Chickasaw Indians (my 3x Great Grandfather E MANUEL was born and married very near Chickasaw Indian Territory around Gibson, TN).

***Circa 1850: My Indian 3x grandmother Sarah M. DAVIS (b. 1855, TN; m. Emanuel DAVIS in/of TN 1872); had a "pure" Indian bloodline that is purportedly "untraceable" (but I'm still working to unscramble it)!

*HISTORICAL NOTE: At that time, Indians did not carry surnames or family names. But, for the purpose of record keeping in schools, churches, census etc., they either chose, adopted, or were 'given' last names to use. Because of this, (and her possibly marrying another "DAVIS"), Sarah's bloodline may never be found!
*What we do know about Sarah:
-she was born in/near Gibson TN; or Hamilton, TN; or Banks ARK (with records for each!)
-she married E Manuel DAVIS in/of TN 1872 (@age 17) in/near Gibson, TN
- As a teenager, she traveled to Banks AR with the Mitchel Family (per testimony and photo [with Aunt Tennie], in book "Taproots in Fertile Soil" a Mitchell family biography authored by descendant Doris Lisemby.

FAMILY MIGRATION 1850-1875: Most of my family's immigrants settled in the Southeast, specifically Western Central Georgia, Central Alabama, South & Central Arkansas, and Texas. By 1875 the heaviest concentrations were in Central Alabama, forming a 70 mile long square around (and to the west of ) Birmingham, Alabama. (Specifically from Leeds south to Chelsea to Montevallo; west to Tuscaloosa; north to Berry to Double Springs; east to& Bankhead Forest to Cullman; south to Locust Fork to Trussville & Leeds [17 miles east of Birmingham]).

IMMIGRANTS circa 1850:
1)Several TUCKERs (brothers?) migrated from Ireland (to Georgia).
2)Also two other families, (ROSS & WOLFE) migrated from Sweden & Denmark respectively. 3)Father ROSS fm Sweden married a girl from Tennessess, and settled in England, Arkansas.
4)The WOLFE's landed in Pennsylvania, became successful merchants, then moved to Vicksburg, MS, owners of a prosperous mercantile business; their sons & daughter resettled to Banks, Arkansas.

Circa @1850 TUCKERS in America, about 12 Irishman, surname TUCKER, branched out from Carrollton, Georgia... A couple of them (my paternal 3x grandfathers) settled around Dadeville, Tallapoosa Alabama. Later a few of their kids settled in Union Parish near Marion/Bernice, Louisiana (near the Arkansas border; north of both Farmerville & Spearsville); these men become my 3X-Grandparents...

Circa 1860: At least two other branches of my ancestors, both maternal and paternal, (DAVIS & ROSS families of TN) settled in Arkansas to farm along the Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers . The ROSS (a white emigrant fm Sweden, married a girl from TN) acquired land in England Arkansas via the Swampland Grants. Soon, many men left home to fight the American Civil War (1861-1865) with their local Army Units (some dying as far afield as Pennsylvania).

Meanwhile in 1864 in Tennessee, the Union Army was raiding the DAVIS family farmstead! But my 3x Grandmother saved the farm from certain destruction, by agreeing to name her newborn child "Tennessee"(a namesake of General Grants Tennessee Army, lead by General Sherman ) as a testament to the soldiers "kindly visit"! This child was my great Aunt "Tennie" DAVIS Mitchell (photographed and written about in the book "Taproots in Fertile Soil" by author Doris Lisemby [a documentary about the Mitchell Family of TN, our cousins]). The family resettled near our Mitchell cousins in Banks Arkansas. My 3X Grandmother, Sarah Sallie DAVIS, married the son of a successful immigrant & merchant Perry WOLFE from Vicksburg...

Circa 1840: The WOLFE family became prosperous merchants selling flatboats, and supplies in Vicksburg MS. Perry's father Fredrick WOLFE had emigrated to America in @1840 with his family from Copenhagen, Denmark (who 4 generations earlier, had emigrated from Germany to Denmark). In 1844, his children Perry & Catherine (b 1825; m. Amos SAVAGE) left Vicksburg to settle in/near Sumpter, Marion Twp, Bradley Co, AR. Later their brother John F. followed 1850 after parents Frederick & Pauline WOLFE died in Vicksburg (by 1950).

Circa ____: Her child, my great grandmother, Sarah Jean WOLFE married Frank ARMSTRONG of Bradley Banks, AR. They owned and worked a large farm in the Banks area; and are buried near Kingsland, AR. Sadly, Grandpa Frank was murdered at age 33. Grandma spent the rest of her life (and money) trying to bring Johnson to justice (to no avail, as a lone woman without a Man to stand in court for her (and her 7 young children at home, including my Grandmother Beulah age @8).

Circa 1880: My maternal Great grandfather ROSS was born on a farm homestead in England Arkansas, right next to the railroad tracks. He dreamed of "riding the rails; and at age 10 he jumped the train and rode into his future... We don't know where he went for the first decade but he ended up in San Francisco and joined the Army in ___. Stationed at the famed Presidio, he cooked for the troops in the winter; in summer he mounted up with the Cavalry and rode into the mountains to build the foundations of Yellowstone National Park! He later built homes, buildings, dairys and his own motel in/around Gustine California!

FAMILY 1900:
Circa 1928:
My paternal grandparents Stanley TUCKER m. Beulah ARMSTRONG were subsistence farmers in Union Parish, Louisiana; first as tenants; later on a small farmstead in Laran (@ 1 mile off Hwy LA-550; on Lem Rd, just before/NE of John Henry Rd.); @3-4 miles from the Arkansas border. My grandpa was a popular fiddler player in his youth, playing for barn dances, and at church socials, where he met my grandmother! They became pen pals, then married (1927) in/near Kingston/Warren/Rison area in AR and moved toLA where they farmed and had 3 children, one was my father Ervine F Tucker...

Circa 1930: Far from town, out in the country, with no "assets", subsistence lving was hard for my fathers family. Long hard days, sweltering summers, cold wet winters, droughts and crop failures made life on the farm difficult, sometimes brutal. The work was endless from dawn to dusk; farm chores were never-ending ... Tending crops, hauling water, walking several miles to school barefoot on gravel roads, (carrying your only shoes to church on Sunday was no "walk in the park" in any season)!

Circe 1940: By age 8, my father was earning his keep by going farm to farm, killing cows with a baseball bat, then butchering them for a portion of the meat. He was known as "One Slug Tuck" because he could fell an unsuspecting cow in 'one slug' of the bat (without causing fear that would poison the meat)! To do his job "humanely", he lured them away from the herd, well beyond the barn (but not too far, because he had to carry all the meat back to the house; then carry his share back to his family afterwards if he couldn't find a ride)!


Fast forward... My parents (father TUCKER of LA m. McCOY fm CA) both became US Air Force aviators, post WWII (mid 1950's). My father was first an aircraft mechanic then a flight engineer/examiner. My mother (nee McCoy), a WAF, was a radio operator and flight attendant. They flew together on C-118's, eventually fell in love, married and started a family; meanwhile Dad continued his 38+ year flying career (on C-118's, C54's, C-130's, SA16's). As a military family, we relocated often, and lived far afield (NJ, CA, VA, FL, Japan & Far East Asia during/after the Vietnam War). Subsequently, over the years we became disconnected from our extended family down South... (yet another reason I have a public tree at Ancestry, and contribute to FAG!)

My siblings and I were classic "military brats"; in-transit every other year or so, usually relocating between school years. We attended many elementary schools in the US; then junior and high schools in Okinawa Japan, Angeles City, Phillipines, and Taipe Tiawan. In the late 70'd we transferred to north Florida where my parents eventually retired and my brothers settled.

I attended colleges in both north and south Florida, then maritime school in the Florida Keys. In 1980, I ventured off to see, and sail the world! Within a few years I'd worked my way to Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Hawaii. I then spent 30+ years home-based in Honolulu studying & working in the computer industry; meanwhile travelling and sailing worldwide for work, sport, and exploring. Travelling throughout Europe sparked a growing interest in my ancestral lineage...

Recently, my father passed away and I inherited all of his family's photo collections (his, my Aunts, uncles, and grandparents). They were full of extended family, most all unknown to me... and sadly most had already passed away. So I started researching & scanning photos, and searching for every relative I could find. Thankfulyy, I found a second cousin (Bet Armstrong BrownTabor) who's helped me sort out some of the family photos & relationships; she's become close family, and a best friend along the way!

To honor my elders, I'm sharing their photos here and on my family tree at Ancestry.com. Meanwhile I'm working to document, preserve, and reconnect all my family ties, for this generation and the next!

In closing... Contributing here has been a an intriguing experience; a historical adventure and unexpected pleasure! I'm grateful to everyone else contributing here; your time, efforts, photos and related contributions are truly invaluable...
Thank you, and Bless you all!

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