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I've loved graveyards since I was a child. They are peaceful, beautiful, and full of history. In fact, I find a cemetery a wonderful place for a picnic when I'm working in one. I've always been interested in genealogy. When I started a Grave kept coming up. Once I learned I could help people AND wander around graveyards...I was hooked!! I am a taphophile!

I owned my own truck and diesel repair business for many years until I decided to sell it. I continued to work there as office and parts manager until September 2019. Over 45 years I knew most of my customers and loved the customer service part of the business. From there I've now gone to work at the city owned hospital. The job I have there is dealing with people both on the phone and in person. Something I greatly enjoy! I loved riding motorcycle until I had an accident and got myself a TBI. The Black Hills of South Dakota (or anywhere else I can look for agates...including some cemeteries!) is another love, searching out old ghost towns and graveyards, and my favorite In January 2019, I had my right hip replaced...which has been a blessing to my wandering graveyards! Ten years of limping got to be too much.

IF YOU HAVE YOUR MESSAGE SYSTEM TURNED OFF AND WANT TO CONTACT ME ABOUT SOMETHING...PLEASE INCLUDE A WAY FOR ME TO CONTACT YOU. OTHERWISE...I HAVE NO WAY OF CONTACTING YOU AND I MAY IGNORE WHAT YOU WRITE. It's getting old receiving messages from people asking/telling me what to do yet they have their own message system set for no messages.

I love going out and looking for requested graves. But something new I've noticed in last year is people are requesting a picture when there is already a picture posted. OR...they are clicking the request for a photo but looking for other information on that person. When members do this they end up wasting the time of volunteers. PLEASE! Only use the request button if you want a photo of the grave!

As of now I go out to look or work in cemeteries every Sunday when our South Dakota weather permits. On those Sundays, for the past ten years, my now 96 year old dad joins me as I go in search of requests. He loves driving the country side with I rode with him as a child. He sits in the car or on a lawn chair under a tree , reading and doing Word Searches, while his wife, Barb, and I look for and photograph graves. I'm lucky to be able to spend all of those hours with him! When we're done for the day he and I guess the total number of graves we were able to find to see who can come closer. Then...we go find ourselves a treat! Most of the time it's a Blizzard at a Dairy Queen.

As requests in my area have dropped or get snagged by other volunteers I have began mapping local cemeteries. If the cemetery has a book I go through it to make sure everyone buried there has a page on FAG. Whether they have a stone or not. By using the information in the book I also locate unmarked graves and take pictures of the general area of the grave. I have done this to all three local cemeteries and I try to keep them up to date each month with new burials. I'm also trying to get the two local cemeteries that aren't marked with their block numbers to put up signage to help people locate family graves. For those local cemeteries I have recorded the location of every grave. The signs would make it so much easier to locate.

If I started a page for one of your relatives and you'd like to manage the page...please ask. I don't care what FAG's 'rules' are on the subject. I will gladly turn the page over to you as long as you plan to manage it for updates. And if there's other information you can add to that person's page that's all the better. I've added things to people pages that I delivered newspapers to in the 1960s! I feel their distant relatives might get a kick out of these personal tidbits. But I only add nice things.

I also grant anyone to use my photos that I've added for any purpose, without my consent. If they are something you want to use then you must know the person involved. I also grant you permission to use the photos on any other grave finding site. I do not grant anyone permission to use my personal photo.

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