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Hello! My name is Everett. Originally a Michigan native, my national heritage is of Polish, French, and German ancestry. I spent my first 26 years living in Michigan, the next 7 years in Mississippi, and recently returned to Michigan in March of 2017. During my first three years on Find-A-Grave, I gladly fulfilled grave requests almost solely at St. Peter's Cem., Oxford Memorial Cem., Old Oxford Cem., and the "Colored Cemetery" (the only name ever given to a one-acre plot of land on a hill, likely donated prior to the Civil Rights Movement, and dedicated to the burial of those with African-American descent). These four cemeteries are all located in Oxford (MS) and all share adjoining boundaries, each being maintained collectively by the city of Oxford's Public Works Department while retaining their individual cemetery names. They are all clumped together under the umbrella of Oxford Memorial Cemetery here on Find-A-Grave. Please be aware that about 95% of my fulfilled photo requests have taken place in the four aforementioned cemeteries. Now that I no longer live in Mississippi, I will do what I can to help answer any questions I can concerning the aforementioned cemeteries to the best of my abilities, but am no longer able to fulfill grave photo requests there.

One exciting adventure from my first three years with Find-A-Grave was the 7-month process of finding the gravesite of famous author William Faulkner's first infant child, Alabama Faulkner, for a fellow Find-A-Graver (and Faulkner relative) in St. Peter's Cemetery. For more information on this quest and to find out more on my genealogical background and willingness to help, I strongly recommend that you find and read the bio that I put together for Alabama Faulkner. Due to the process of finding her grave, I have obtained all of the available maps on the four cemeteries and read through the History of St. Peter's book which covers many of the details from over the years regarding these cemeteries. (Just ask and I'll be glad to pass any materials of interest along.) I also checked through the local Oxford Eagle newspaper on numerous occasions to see if death notices were posted for those seeking graves that had no headstone. In addition, I have even obtained a list of plot owners for the Oxford Memorial Cemetery only. Other than Oxford Memorial Cemetery, the remaining three conjoined cemeteries must be walked in order to find grave requests as records were not diligently kept as well as they are in Oxford Memorial.

St. Peter's Church took a survey of their cemetery in 1940 and I previously utilized a copy of that map when I walk those grounds. St. Peter's Cemetery Section numbers were made up by the local genealogical society when they did grave transcriptions in the late 1970's for book production. The section numbers have stuck over the years but were not entirely accurate. St. Peter's is actually only comprised of Section 1, the front 1/3rd of Section 2, Section 3, Section 6 and Section 7. All other sections are actually parts of the other 3 cemeteries. The issue of cemetery boundaries was not officially resolved until 2007 (a quarter century after the transcription books were published), about the same time as the production of the book on the history of St. Peter's.

Due to all of my research efforts, I became very familiar with these cemeteries and fulfilled photo requests as often as possible when I ran personal errands in town (Oxford). I obtained almost every possible aid for finding graves that was available and thus quickly found grave requests for folks as I had walked the grounds so many times those first three years and was familiar with the land's history. It became an activity that I enjoyed doing as it brought joy to others, didn't bust the bank on my end, and also gave me joy in return.

Now that I have returned to Michigan, I will likely be pursuing familial genealogical interests, but do make myself available for occasional requests from relatively local cemeteries, as needed.

I have friends of many differing nationalities, have a love for atlases and maps, and have even enjoyed helping to do genealogical research for folks of differing cultures. Don't let stigmas about the North, the South, or any nationality hinder you from getting in touch. If you are looking for a relative on the conjoined Oxford cemetery grounds, I'll be glad to assist as best I can from a distance (as evidenced above), as well as perform the occasional local request here in the local Detroit suburbs of Michigan! :-)

While I am willing (and can be engaged) to help with requests from time to time, I very much prefer to limit my search efforts to well-populated areas (inside or very near to the Detroit suburbs). I kindly ask that you do not request my help with locating graves or cemeteries that are located far down county backroads in the middle of nowhere. I really do not enjoy disturbing the peace in those types of backroad communities and prefer to limit my search efforts to well-populated areas.

I am a very giving person and enjoy helping others with genealogical quests to the best of my abilities, bending over backwards to help folks in some cases. However, time and money are valuable commodities, so if you have secondary requests AFTER I have already fulfilled a photo request for you, please be sure to first preface your inquiries with a question engaging and asking me for additional help. Graciously asking first before just forging forward (with disregard) into a new request shows me that you both value and appreciate the time and money put forth to fulfill your prior request and that you are not attempting to freeload. Gratitude goes a long way when requesting assistance on additional quests and is much appreciated. Thank-you so very much! :-)

My paternal family lines (all lines immigrated to Michigan from Poland) are as follows: Baranowski, Zielinski, Mindykowski, Lobodzinski, Zur, Herman, Kornacki, and Hyzenski.

My maternal family lines (all lines immigrated to Michigan from France & Germany) are as follows: Maison, Greffard, Teske, Felt, Peltier, Moore, Trombley, Forton/Furton, Baller, Schwinke, Schalke, Rucks, Klean, Boettcher, and Reich.

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