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Hello cousins! If I am not related, I am happy to transfer memorials. You may use my photos of graves, places, and people born before 1885. Ask me about people born after 1885. Please credit the researcher when I upload images from their books or notes. Thanks for the work you all do on Find-a-Grave. Interesting quick history of immigration to the U.S. since 1850 - From where and to which states: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=behsmaHh2bg

My interests include 1830-1940 Germans of Cincinnati, the Latvian diaspora, and Latvian history. I am interested in linguistics and history of Prussia and European events which caused large ethnic migrations.

My Irish ancestry: Collins, Carroll, Robinson

My American colonial-era family: Bartlett, Potter, Shaw, Bean, Ball, Bissell, Russell, Clarke, Power(s), Shepherd, Hodgkin, Taft, Edwards, Reason, Reed/Read, Livingston.

Most information I know about my American colonial ancestry is a credit to the 1904-1970 research by librarian Hazel A. Bartlett (1884-1987.) I am grateful I inherited her documents, photos, letters, books and boxes of genealogy notes.

Thank you everyone who has contributed to this and other online genealogy forums! Your work is GREATLY appreciated!

"It is indeed desirable to be well descended, but the glory belongs to our ancestors."
--Plutarch (AD 46-127)

--- Note to LATVIANS -

- Latvian burial information and photos:
- Global search by cemetery in English:
- Global search by person in English:
Using timenote.info you can search on tags like
"Born in Riga"
or a category such as nationality=Latvian.
That category includes some Latvian-Americans, Latvian-Canadians and other diaspora. Other tags include "Born before Latvian independence" or "Victim of Soviet oppression" etc. Timenote is an amazing ambitious multi-lingual nonprofit (by donation) website co-founded by world history-loving Latvians. It is a goldmine for genealogy, not only for Latvians. Both Timenote.info and Cemetry.lv both search alternate spellings which include Cyrillic, patronymics, maiden names, and orthographies in other languages too.

- Excellent resource for English speakers researching their Latvian roots:

- Fabulous megasearch engine in English:

My virtual cemeteries include

"BORN in Latvia"
as well as
"Latvian-Americans" which might help you find people in those catagories. I define Latvian-American as native Latvians who settled in USA/ASV and their descendants. "Born in Latvia" means the territory of what is currently Latvia, even when it was under Sweden, Tsarist Russian empire or USSR. Mostly I research diaspora who fled Latvia circa 1944 and those they left behind.

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