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My age, gender, occupation, residence, financial status, et cetera, should not matter to you. I hope my philosophy will, because you are a part of it.

About me:

When I started using the Internet about seven years ago, I knew I would be meeting people from all over the world. I wanted a name that would reflect my feelings about myself and all those people.

My feelings are: we are all alike; we are all the same kind. We are 'like kinds'. We try to separate ourselves into groups according to our skin color, our religion, or absence thereof; our political and sexual preferences, our wealth, or absence thereof; and the list goes on. Underneath our trappings and behind our facades, we all are still like kinds.

I long for worldwide peace. Yet we will never have peace until each of us realizes that we are all like kinds. We are the race of Mankind and we have blindly allowed division of that single race, primarily through greed, hatred, lust for power, and above all, through ignorance and fear.

I've read a lot of famous quotes. Many of them are educational, thought provoking, and even awe inspiring. Simplicity has a place here, as well. My favorite two quotes are "Love One Another" and a wonderful quote in question form: "What If They Gave A War, And Nobody Came?"


On Animal Rights

The Book of Genesis states Man is to have dominion over all animals.

Down through the ages, this passage has been used as justification for people to use, abuse and treat animals any way they choose. This is a wicked misconception fostered by the human ego.

My take on the subject:

If all the animals in the world were to die out, all humans would die, too. If all humans were to die out, the animals would keep on living. So, in the grand scheme of things, what makes you think you are superior to other species?


On Find a Grave Memorial Content

This site is about dead people and where they are buried.
I know they're dead. You know they're dead. We all know they're dead. I find posting a death certificate on a memorial, redundant, to say the least. That space could be used for a picture of the deceased, or a nice picture of anything pertaining to the life of the deceased.

I will not post a death certificate on a memorial, and ask that others not post them on memorials I create or manage.


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