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Amateur genealogist since the 1980s with an interest in DNA as a tool for ancestral research. Who can dabble in genealogy and not roam the cemeteries?

I have been accused of spending more time with the dead than I do the living! Most of my ancestry and profiles I manage are in Northeast Tennessee but with a few exceptions for distant family members. Genealogy on any of the profiles I manage is always welcomed! I truly strive to create professional and complete profiles but it is much work and a labor of love always in progress. I have not got around to finishing all of the profiles I manage but will in time. Suggestions truly appreciated.

I have a couple of "Find A Grave" pet peeves. First, I have a profound dislike for those who like to hoard family profiles when they are not even related! Some members seem to find a sick enjoyment in seeing how many profiles they can create/compile as if it is some kind of numbers game for them. It is as if he who has the most profiles wins! PROFILES RIGHTFULLY BELONG WITH FAMILY MEMBERS WHO REQUEST THEM! Closest requesting relative takes precedence in my opinion.

Another observation is there seems to be a few members who want to go above and beyond the guidelines published by Find A Grave and have their own forum rules and procedures. For example, they will say they will process so many edits per person per week, demand you read their polices and procedures page, insist on strict "proof" of anything you suggest, etc. about a family member you know about.

As the saying goes, a few always seem to ruin it for the many and you have to take the bad with the good! Regardless, enjoy Find A Grave in the spirit I am sure was intended!

Special thanks to a friend and cousin Wanda for family information and pictures too many to individually list.

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