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The memorials I generate or manage are for people that I have a family, community or professional connection with. Most would never be considered famous, yet they were once vital people during their earthly lives. In some cases, I collaborate with other website members when a transfer to me is imminent. Whenever I notice that I have duplicated a memorial, I contact the original poster, to get a consensus on content, then delete mine. This is rare, since I usually check names before doing a memorial. Where vital documents are found, this is a civil marriage, military or agency document - NO birth, sacramental nor death records. You MUST document and cite what you use from the memorials I have done.

Note that I do NOT give permission for use of original photographs I add beyond this website - NO exceptions. If I have added a note that an entity has given permission to use the photograph, then you must contact them yourself in writing (e.g., Moses Viney).

If you add a flower, have regard for joint burials where there are a couple or parent and child together, or two whom died together. Leave them both a flower. If not, there will be a deletion.

I have selected friends from those contributors with whom I have communicated with, being forever appreciative of their efforts on here. Skulkers and plagiarists be very aware that I deal with this unethical and unprofessional activity through proper channels. The time and expense to research the memorial subjects and write biographies is neither free, cheap, haphazard, nor to be taken lightly. Contact me or anyone else mentioned in a memorial through the "Edit" tab only. I do not provide my email contact online, nor do I entertain the aforementioned skulkers, plagiarists any more than I would spammers or scammers.

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