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Hi Grave Fans. My name is Kathy. I am currenty in my seventies and retired. Retired to me does not mean I am retiring from life. It means I am trying to find ways to view things that perhaps I didn't have time to think about when I was younger. I am trying to feel things perhaps differently than I ever allowed myself before. If I stated certain facts about my thoughts, would others think I was crazy or perhaps 'one brick short of a whole load'. That would have bothered me in the past when I was younger; however; not anymore. The majority of people that are passing away are my friends and sometimes a relative. People my age. I have to think of a new way of defining my friendship or relationship with these people. I don't want to forget them. I want to continue that relationship. Now, I am not into ghost or the walking dead. I like to think about these people and write to them in my Find a Grave rants. Just like they were setting right next to me; or like they are in another state or on vacation. I'm just letting them know how my life is going; letting them know about new additions to our family. Letting them know about these special beings that someday they will meet and love. These are people that 'they' knew and loved; and had they not passed, would still be a part of their lives. Some have seen my notes to my friends and relatives and thought I have gone crazy. That's okay. (Shame on them for talking behind my back.) I don't care what anyone feels about my writings. I feel good, free, and unembarrassed about what and who I write to. I feel a special closeness to these deceased. They are very alive subjects to my writting. I have written to deceased people that catch my eye when I am walking in a cemetary. I write to babies that never took a breath. The best thing about it is the notes I get from parents that thank me for the 'note' Relatives that thank me for a remeberance. I don't do it for the 'thanks' but hearing from these people delights me. When I eventually come to these memorials again I notice that some of these people are now writing to there loved one; much like I do. It really helps the way you feel about the loss and the long wait to see your friend or love one again some day. Don't let people make you feel silly for expressing yourself to your loved one. You are okay. Accept yourself. God loves you and that is why he didn't wipe all your beloved memories away the minute the person passed. Your memories are yours until you die. Exercise your right to use them over and over again. Your dreams will pull up these memories over and over again. I have seen my Mom and Dad, newphews, Grand parents, and friends. The dreams make them come right back to me. I can hear their voices like they are in the same room with me. When I wake up it is like they visited. Now I have another memory. Why would I ever want to lose that gift. Kathy


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