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Well, let's see ~ i have scratched, snapped, snarled, fought, bit , chewed & TORN my way up from poverty, abandonment, mental-physical-emotional abuse, parental alcoholism- drug addiction- mental illness- violence, terror, blackness, forced full adult responsibility for 5 younger siblings from 13 years of age, escaped the trap at 17 to face homelessness, starvation, domestic abuse, utter aloneness, loss of 7 babies (1 fullterm w/ severe physical birth defects, 1 at 5 1/2 mos. along, & 5miscarriages from 1 - 4 mos. along), fought fiercely to make it through college, made a name for myself in Hampton Roads radio for years, & best of all - finally succeeded in becoming a mother finally ~ i had my 12 lb. 3 1/2 oz baby boy Ryan, in '82 - now 30 - & every mothers wet dream.

hank You, loving Great Spirit! - Since, I have survived a vicious arson in '99, lost 5 precious loved ones in this, crawled broken for years after, homeless again, hopeless, became a drug addict in my severe PTSD state, & finally, rose again to my feet, & w/ His watchful eye, tender mercies & help from some awesomely wonderful good people out there - through all of this - I still smile, laugh, & thank my loving Great Spirit above, for never leaving me, providing just enough that I might live, & today, I find my greatest joy in mentoring others who suffer, grieve, & feel as I once did.

I thump NO bibles, need no organized temples, churches, synagogues, mosques, chapels, cathedrals or the like - for HIS universal house of worship is within every soul, every heart, every living thing, the air we breathe, the earth we walk - but I feel the Great Spirit move my being, mind & heart most, beholding the power & majesty of the awe-inspiring oceans - & when I lift my eyes to His fathomless celestial kingdom, I behold the billowing endlessness of it all - & a hushed trance of rapturous reverie envelops all senses, & - I pray - Soundlessly -

& after everything i have survived - There is Joy.

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