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Artist, avid reader, writer, photographer, solver of family mysteries.

Mysteries solved so far:

1.)Murder of Otto Franklin Miller. He was my Great Grand Uncle and was killed by, Albert E. Lary, which is public record.

2.) My 2nd Great Grandfather, J. T. Young might have been related to the Younger outlaw family. I took the Ancestry DNA test and I have matched up with a woman who descends from that family. I have no other ancestors who would have been related to that family. The woman lives in Tennessee.

I will no longer answer questions about J.T.'s true identity. I don't care about the false information someone has written on the internet, with no paperwork to back it up. J.T. came from Missouri to Celina, TX in the early 1890's. I also took the DNA test and I matched up with descendants of the Younger Outlaw Family from Missouri. DNA doesn't lie.

3.) The real story of George Williams and why he stole a horse in 1909. Hurray for preserved court records!

4.) The real story behind my distant cousin, Alton Dicken's suicide in 1940. I'm extremely disappointed in why he did it.

I am a member of, The United Daughters of the Confederacy under my 3rd Great Grandfather, Henry Elbert Hensley. All of, Hugh Miller, Irene Hansard, Elinor Coleman and Frank's Miller's children and grandchildren can join. All you have to do is prove your relation to Henry.

This organization and their amazing research team has proved that Henry Hensley and Martha Jane Davis's families came from Overton County, Tennessee. I'm so thankful to all these amazing women.

There is a crazy woman on this website who is not related to the Davis family but feels she knows more about them than I do because in her own words, "I've researched the families of this area (Overton County) of Tennessee". Well, I've researched the founding families of the town where I live, but that doesn't mean I know more about them than their direct ancestors. I reported her for bullying. I wish I could report her for being an idiot.

Also, I am so THANKFUL to have found many Miller cousins! Thank you all so much for contacting me about the hard work I've done connecting our family! Also thank you all for the photos and info you send me to add! Please, keep them coming!

I'm looking for photos of: Esther Miller, Dr. Edward Clarence Miller and Dixie Miller. Of course, other photos are ALWAYS welcome!

I'm also looking for the lost photos of, Jacob Almorine Miller "Al Miller" and his son, Wayne. They lived in Colorado. Wayne died without having kids. Whomever has their photos please contact me.


My headstone photos are not copyrighted, you can have them too. I took them, but they're free for public use anywhere on the Internet. Any photos of my ancestors that I have posted are also free to use.

If you send me an edit, I will usually approve it in less than a week. I will not check Ancestry to prove your edit is correct. I assume you're related to the person that you want corrected, or you have found proof of this edit. Unless the edit contradicts one of my family members, I always approve edits. Don't worry. Be happy!

Father's side of the family: Miller, Hensley, Anderson, Galloway, Dicken, Smith, Tallent, Davis, Marlow, Webley, McStotts, Caylor, Crabtree

Mother's side of the family: Marks, Hix, Usry, Williams, Crocker, McAfee, Briton, Young/Younger, Spain, Waters,

I'll be happy to transfer any memorial I have created that I am not related to.

I WILL NOT transfer the grave of Frank Miller. I don't care how many illegitimate children he had. I paid for his sponsorship, I researched him for over three years. I know all of his secrets. The boy is mine.

If you're here to research the Miller Family, my line is:
1. Katrina Miller
2. Johnny Miller/Julia Marks
3. John Miller/Charm M. Galloway
4. Hugh Miller/Irene M. Anderson
5. James Miller/Delia Hensley
6. Jacob Warren Miller/Isabella Dicken
7. Clinton W. Miller/Martha Davis
8. Jehu Miller/Emily C. Willis
9. Jacob Miller/Margaret Penner
10. John Jacob Miller/Nancy E. Fudge
11. Hans Jacob Miller(Muller)/Catherine Leffler

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