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Live in Syracuse, NY. Retired from Military Service of approx. 26 years. (Navy, Naval Reserves, NY and MI Air Nat'l Guard) as of Feb.28, 2004. I am a true Patriot as many of my ancestors were before me as they have been in the French and Indian Wars, A.R., War 1812, Spanish-American War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, those after 1975 are Bosnia, Kuwait, Iran, Afghanistan and any I've missed inbetween. Married over 24 years and have 2 daughters. My oldest daughter is in college, studying in Florence, Italy for her 3rd semester (3 times now) and loving it there. I've been working on Genealogy research of several family surnames which is long, tedious, and fun. Kinda feels like a history lesson that doesn't end. Very appreciative of those who dedicate their time transcribing info and placing it on F.A.G.
Please do things you enjoy and be happy.
One day someone will be glad you created your family tree, then others may not care but it's their choice. My ethnic background consists of English, German, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, French and possible Switzerland(Swiss). Married an Italian woman so my children are definitely the Heinz 57 recipe. People have told my daughters they look Spanish, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Somoan but rarely Italian. LOL. I'm mostly German - English/Scottish (born blonde hair and blue eyes) then everything else in the European mix but who's counting. Primarily focused on the SCOTT's of Cayuga county NY and trying to connect with William Scott's (1816-1899) father (an unknown Scott) of Connecticut.
Names of interest are Crandall, Hornblower, Stout, Thompson, Shaner, Richardson, Main, Coats, Delaney, SCOTT, Mills, Hoyt, Barber, Best, Brown, Everingham, Doolittle, Fry, Frye, Gibson, Forman, Ryder, Kelly, French, Parker, Wood, Maxson, and Langworthy. Geographical area of the North East, All New England states, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, but mostly New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.
I'm a descendant of King William I, the Lion of Scotland; Sir Warine L'arcedekn, Alice Sergeaux and Richard de Vere (11th Earl of Oxford); John de Vere II (15th Earl of Oxford); "Baron" Thomas Darcy and others. As a descendent of Elder John Crandall, I share this ancestor with famous American celebrities such as Katharine Hepburn, Lucille Ball and Julia Child. Lucille Ball is my 8th cousin twice removed. "I Love Lucy".
Oh! I need some help with developing Katharine Hepburn family tree. I have her parents and grandparents as I also heard ,MASLIN, part of her family, is suppose to lead me to former First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy - Onasis. Trying to connect her primarily to Elder John Crandall before Jackie-O.
Importantly, I am a descendant of GEORGE SOULE, passenger of the MAYFLOWER in 1620. About 5 to 8 percent of us Americans can claim to be a descendant of one of the 102 people who arrived on the Mayflower. But once again, I inherited most all the key connections from my Maternal side of the family. Thanks! Mom.
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